No, It Wasn’t Mickey


[ Toaster time ]

March 21 – So – reporting an interesting little incident that occurred in our kitchen recently. Chris was cleaning up around our toaster on the kitchen sink extension, and was wondering what all the little black items were. I suggested that maybe they were crumbs from some muffin or bread slice. She wiped them away and had just begun to clean the toaster when suddenly out shot a little mouse and it dashed off behind some things on the counter and disappeared. Aha, so much for those little black bread crumbs!


[ More drawers to clean? ]

Chris immediately began cleaning much more thoroughly, threw the toaster cover into the laundry basket, washed and washed everywhere, and emptied the drawers beside the sink and started washing their contents well. These drawers too had those little “black bread crumbs” in them. Their one advantage was that now we were probably quite immune to mouse germs. Eventually I opened one of those now empty drawers and was amazed to find that it had an occupant – a little mouse! How had it managed to get in there so soon after it had gone speeding off the counter? I made a fast grab for that mouse but it swiftly dodged and leapt to the floor and ran under the stove.


[ Victor to the rescue ]

Another drawer clean-up ensued, and two mousetraps were baited with sunflower seeds and tucked away in little crannies where the cat would not get her nose or paw snapped.

The night before, Chris had discovered the cat on the counter, nosing around the toaster, and speedily shooed it off. We have never before found the cat on the kitchen counter. But now we know why it was up there, no doubt hoping to grab that mouse and put an end to its thieving existence. Cat does not like mice or eat mice but I think she likes to kill them.

We do have a colony of house mice in this house on occasion, and I have caught three lately up on our grow table down in the basement. They seem to like digging around in the little trays of potting soil, hoping to find something edible (like seeds freshly planted), and in past years I have had to replant some of the trays. So far, so good.

Thursday was our weekly shopping/visiting day in Pleasant Hill. We made our usual stop at the post office where we visited with the present and also the retired postmaster and admired pictures of grandchildren. At the Thrift store we bought a lot of books for James and his younger brother and sister. At the feed store I bought a bag of sunflower seeds and some white millet for “our” birds. Looked for some Candy onion plants but they haven’t arrived yet. Maybe next week. My favorite variety of onion, which I heartily recommend.

The next stop was at the Midwest Lumber Store, which will soon be sold to Nuts and Bolts, and the lumber has already left the premises. I only needed a minor hardware item, and was just wondering if there might be a sale going on, but not so. We spent a number of minutes talking to our favorite salesman, Tommy, a very friendly and genial man, and Chris feels especially at ease talking to him, for they are both the same height.


[ Daniel at PC ]

After saying goodbye we went on to Price Chopper grocery store, and were pleased to meet another good friend just leaving the store with a shopping cart full of edibles. Teri has been sick for weeks, but has finally recovered and will be back at her check-out counter next week. We hadn’t really come to shop but did walk around and found some canned goods and a couple of half-gallon containers of unsweetened organic coconut milk on sale. Along the way we found our good friend, Daniel, working away as usual, but taking a bit of time to say hello.

After greeting our employee friends there, we paid our bill and were off to visit our good friend Clyde Putnam. We spent quite a while at his house, enjoying interesting conversations on topics such as Bible and creation, house building, shopping, etc. Then it was off on the homeward trail, stopping at Don and Ann’s house to see how they were but they must have been out shopping so we left them unvisited and got home, unpacked and had our late breakfast.

Tomorrow promises to be a bit warmer day, and I will enjoy that. Bye for now! – DALE

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