Post Office People

March 6 – Last week Dale and I were off to spend the day taking care of appointments and shopping. (Of course, that shopping consists in buying what we need, but more importantly and more enjoyable, is visiting with our many friends in various places in town). It’s always great to talk with these folks, to catch up on what’s happened to them since our last visit, and to make sure they know that we love them!


[ The Post Office ]

First thing on our list, as usual, was a visit to the post office where we found our long-time good friend, Richard, who retired from being the postmaster within the last year or two. His smile is enough to raise our spirits even if he didn’t say anything, but he is always full of questions about our health and what we have been doing. And he never forgets the little stories that we tell him from week to week, showing that he really is interested in us.

I always chuckle when he comes to the door to greet us, when he gets a big hug from me, and a firm handshake from Dale. Once when I came up with the question, “Why don’t guys hug each other?” both men were a bit surprised. I don’t really understand why, but maybe they are too shy, or they never thought about it.

One of the nicest things that Richard does is this. If he isn’t driving from his home to visit with and be of help to the staff as he was through so many years, he will send us an e-mail telling us he won’t be there to visit. That’s good, because, if it weren’t for the joy of seeing him, we might not be at the post office every week!


[ Rick, Kim, & Richard ]

As we were talking in the hall, I saw Rick, the new postmaster, back in the post office world behind the front counter. When I waved at him, he came up to say hi. With his cell phone in his hand, he was going to show me more pictures of his beautiful new grandchild. At a month old, she looked as if she were at least three months! As the weeks have gone by, he has come up with new photos every time we visit. She has enough beautiful hair that she could pass for much older than she is. Only, that day he didn’t have any pics to display, but talked about not being able to open his phone.

Richard to the rescue! After he finally was able to pry off the cover, he checked everything inside, put the cover back on, and handed the now-working phone to Rick, who seemed to be relieved that the problem was taken care of.

And one more note about Rick. It didn’t take long for me to count him as a friend because when he first reached across the counter to say hi, he said, “And good morning, YOUNG LADY!” Now that was something to remember! At almost ninety, am I still YOUNG? Sure, why not! Rick has a precious, almost shy smile that I always like to see!


[ Stamp catalog ]

Our friend Kim is here, there, and everywhere taking care of questions, sorting the mail, and selling stamps. We really enjoy her big smile and ability to come up with the answer to my many questions. And speaking of stamps, for many years now, our friends remind me when a new issue comes out. As they page through the catalog, the typical conversation will be like this, “Now you already have this one, right?” or “Here’s a new one, just came out yesterday!”.

If all of our post offices across the country were blessed with employees like the very friendly three who take care of us from time to time, it would always be a joy to visit with them, just as we do in Pleasant Hill! – CHRIS

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