Birthday Son

170228_david1February 28 – It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog for one good reason – I’ve been too busy to get my thoughts down on paper! Probably have forgotten a good bit of what I had planned to write about, but I’ll try to get some of the thoughts from my mind down on the paper.

Among other things, our son David, believe it or not, celebrated Birthday number 60 yesterday, February 27! Now that hardly seems possible because he is still so young at heart, enjoys life to the full, just about always answers the call when asked to do something special for the church and for the kids in church and at the school where his wife is the secretary/registrar.

170228_david2Besides that, whenever he can take off a bit of time from work, he lets us know that he will be driving the 50 miles from his home to ours and wants us to make a list of the work that we need to have done, especially outside, and where possible he will do it. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way as far as “outside work” is concerned.

He is also very knowledgeable about the computer, while we know very little about all of the technical ideas involved. Sometimes we feel that our expertise on that subject is just about nil. Fortunately, David is very patient with both of us and takes care of problems we didn’t even know existed. Those fingers go so quickly over the keyboard as his eyes take in every problem, and he comes up with so much that I don’t understand. Poor David! He truly has the well-known patience of Job, and just once in awhile does he remind us that he has fixed “that problem” many times before. “Let’s go back over the whole process,” he suggests, “until you really understand it!” Unfortunately, since we don’t face that same problem every day or week, it will come back again, and it’s, “Can you fix this, David?”

170228_david4I may be prejudiced, but I think this son of ours is a really good kid! (as old as I am, by the way, everyone I know could be called a kid in comparison with me!) So many memories come crowding back right now. Now, David was not, nor is he yet, perfect, but he is so kind to all, trying to make each one feel at ease, and giving them a pat on the back for doing well. He is especially happy when working with a group of kids at his church. Mostly, he gives all sorts of quizzes about the lesson, about nature, and about anything that would catch their attention. I don’t blame the kids who would rather stay in his class than move on to the next level.

Way back when he was first asked to come to the Kansas City area to become a computer guy at one of the hospitals, he was all packed up, ready to go. Such a young man on his way to a city that he really knew nothing about. How would he like the area? Would it take long for him to find friends? Could he do the work required of him? All of these thoughts and more had been going through my head for awhile before it was time for him to leave. And, just like David, he was more concerned for me than for himself. So what was his plan? Since I would be leaving about 7:30 a.m. for another day of teaching at the school down the road, he stayed by to give me a hug and tell me to have a good day. Then, when he knew I would be busy there in my classroom, helping all of the kids, he got into his car, moved down the highway, and was on his way to his first big job about 900 miles away! I would have a hard time believing that he wasn’t nervous and a bit jittery, but he thought of his poor mom first of all.

170228_moonThe day before his birthday, the phone rang, and Dale and I thought it must be David calling as he often does during his nightly walk around the area. He ended up walking over six miles, and because of the cold, was dressed warmly. A good bit of the conversation had to do with planets and constellations with Venus and Arcturus and Spica among others being mentioned.

He also mentioned that on August 17, he plans to drive from his home near Kansas City to St. Joseph, MO to watch a complete solar eclipse. The total eclipse lasts for 2 minutes 38 seconds. This all reminds me of a quote I learned from a poem of long ago, “And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew!” (Oliver Goldsmith) How David remembers just about everything he ever learned, I will never know.

170228_david3We are pleased and proud that the kid who grew up in our home branched out in so many directions. But what is so much more important, he has been an example to his own three kids, Beckie, Rindy, and Chris and a loving husband to his wife Darla. (She is a really neat young lady, by the way!)

So, rather than try to add any more to this blog, I think I will just leave with a tribute to our son and let him know that we will always be thankful that God entrusted him to us! – CHRIS

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