An Icy Throwback


[ Home-canned tomato juice ]

February 19 – As usual, the stores were more than busy on Friday as people just bought and bought and bought. Looked like some of them were getting enough to eat for a week! Well, who wants to go hungry? Since there’s just the two of us and I have so many jars of home canned fruits and juice and vegetables on the basement shelves and much more frozen edibles in one or the other of our freezers, we really aren’t especially concerned about lots of groceries.

When I was just a little girl I remember my mother telling me, as I worked beside her on “canning” days, that we should remember what Solomon said as written in the Bible. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise.” Judging from the boxes of canning jars and plastic freezer containers being sold at garage sales these days, I don’t think that many folks actually do prepare their food in the summer to be used in the winter! Oh, well, I’ve got to agree that there is a possibility that all of their preserving of food can be seen in plastic freezer bags!

Now to change subjects a bit. We haven’t had much ice this winter, but a couple of weeks ago we did. Seeing the sunshine glittering on the icy driveway and road, I just wanted to take a picture or two to capture the moment. On went my jacket, but no hat or gloves.


[ Frosted peonies ]

Then came the boots, something I haven’t worn in ages, it seems. I sat on the back steps, and tried to straighten out the first boot so I could stamp the sole on the cement hard enough that my foot would go in. Then came the second; it was even harder to get on than the first! I didn’t even bother to zip up the sides as I knew that would be a real problem. Sitting on the floor in a corner of the garage, these boots were as dusty as could be, and the plastic was too cold to cooperate. Oh well, I brought them with me when we moved here from Pennsylvania about 18 years ago, so you see they would be pretty old, and the fact that I had them 10 years before we came, makes them really ancient!

Once outside, I gingerly tested the icy driveway to see if I would go down flat before I came to the grass. Fortunately, I had to take only a few steps before going on my way across the yard. The bamboo patch was full of canes bending low, some just about flat on the ground.


[ One busted chair ]

As I walked around to the other side of the patch I noticed that the burning pile had an additional item to burn, one that was there because of an interesting occurrence. When son David came over to celebrate the holidays with his wife, Darla, and their kids Rindy and Chris, we were all sitting in the living room enjoying the gifts they had brought for us. Dale got up out his chair to check something in the kitchen.

When he came back and sat down, he should have been pinched as the seat of the chair split right down the middle! After laughing and laughing at his expense, a couple of us asked if he did get stuck in the crack. Actually we were guffawing so much that we could hardly hear his answer. No, he was OK, but that will be a good story to tell through the coming years. Dale’s final words about that little accident were, “I think it’s time to buy another table and chairs! We’ve had this one long enough!” Then as he turned it upside down, he announced, “This was made in Jugoslavia, that’s with a J, not a Y! No wonder it’s old! – CHRIS

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