Cleaning the Basement – Part IV


[ Burning pile waiting for the match ]

February 12 – And the final chapter of Cleaning the Basement…at last!

While I was sorting stuff in one area, Dale came up with a good idea. “When are we going to get rid of that mattress against the wall? We sure don’t need it, and people usually don’t want to use one that other families have used.” Of course, he was right, so we moved the boxes away from it, pulled it out towards the door, and off we went. As I worked from the front of the mattress, I asked Dale to be sure he wouldn’t push it too fast, as I wanted to know where I was going and didn’t have any plans of being knocked down. When we reached the stairs going up to the kitchen, I lifted the front and pushed it up as far as I could before letting it sit while I moved up the stairs. Good for us, as it didn’t take very long before the mattress was pushed through the door into the garage. Later, Dale carted it over to the big burning pile where it is still resting, waiting to turn into flames and smoke!


[ Bulletin board ]

We also found a nice 3×4 foot bulletin board that I had used in my work with kids in school and church. It will probably go off to Thrift! And now that I could see the wall and the floor, I decided I would go back to the freezer area, take everything out of the shelves again, and bring the shelves back to sit in the corner along the wall! Crazy? Maybe, but I thought it was a good idea. Dale never even once suggested that I had made a bad plan; he just helped me unload the contents and drag the shelves back into the big room. Actually it didn’t take me as long to reload the waffle irons, etc. as it did the first time. Of course, because I knew where I had put the stuff earlier.

It’s really been a lot of fun working through all the boxes and tins and other baskets or drawers. And why? I haven’t seen many of those items in years, so it’s like finding real treasures and enjoying them all over again. Some will find a new home in some special places in cartons made just for that purpose, rather than in boxes of all kinds. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be a little brighter this time and put more labels on the cartons so I know what’s in each one. We shall see!


[ Kids Quotes Calendar ]

One special keepsake turned up in one of the smaller boxes, a little calendar with orange covers and the date 1994. As Dale and I checked through it, we found an account of some of the comical things David’s daughters Beckie and Rindy used to say when she was just a little tyke. Here are just a couple, pretty neat from these young kids:

  • Rindy asked her mom, “Me want another piece o’cheese ‘cuz me a mice!”
  • While she was watching her dad David shovel snow: “You know, Dad, if you just waited, this would all melt.”
  • David told Rindy, “Lollipops aren’t good for your teeth.” She quickly answered, “They are for mine!
  • Rindy was singing: “When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there. When the roll isn’t called up yonder, I won’t be there.
  • Beckie:”When we go up in the airplane, should I wear something cool since we’ll be closer to the sun?

Those ares just a few of the cute things David’s kids said and did when they were so young. Memories are fun, especially for grandparents! – CHRIS

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