Cleaning the Basement – Part III

February 5 – Continuing with cleaning up the basement after the water pipe breakage.

On one side of the room there’s a little alcove in the space under the stairs coming down to the basement from the kitchen. Through the years, I have rarely checked into what might be in that space, so obviously when I looked through it the other day, I found that there were a few items to keep and some to get rid of. Two huge black plastic bags housed a great number of regular sized bags. Later on, when I asked Dale if he knew that those bags were there under the stairs, he said, “Well, sure I did. Plenty there if we ever run out.” On one side of the little room, I found another dozen or more banana boxes filled with more tins.


[ Wooden shelves, once moved ]

When I first began to sort the materials in the big room, I tried to decide how to make it possible for me to go through all of the stuff there when I could hardly find a place to put my foot down. Okay, first thing to move out was a big set of wooden shelves. But where could I put it? OK, in the next room over by the side of the chest freezer, where it would fit just perfectly.

But before moving it, I had to take out the big plastic wastebasket that was already in that space! It held some plastic jars that I keep for use in the freezer. Back to the shelf, now empty, and ready to go. Unfortunately, I couldn’t lift or push the shelves anywhere. First, it was heavy, and second, the bottom kept getting stuck on the carpet as I tried to get it through the door. Fortunately, Dale arrived just about then and wanted to know what I was doing! When he helped, we soon had the shelves in place beside the freezer. Once moved, I started filling it with a waffle iron (or two?), four blenders, a pressure cooker, kettles and pans, and other kitchen tools. Hooray.


[ Christmas dishes ]

Back to the big room again, where it had been sitting for weeks, and this time I could see where various objects were. First of all, I picked up a box filled with cute Christmas dishes. Obviously they hadn’t been used since I bought them at the Thrift Store, just because I thought they were neat. Then came a big box of colorful flower vases, those that were left after Dale sorted through two boxes of them, keeping what he wanted, and packing the rest for the Thrift Store. After going through another box full of glass tops of various sizes that would fit over casserole dishes, some square, others round, I put the duplicate ones in the box for Thrifts as well.


[ Ma’s sewing container ]

Just inside the door, I found Mom’s old wooden oval-shaped container on legs, the one in which she stored thread, and other sewing materials. Back at home so many years ago, that wooden piece stood on the floor, right next to the sewing machine, which she so often used. Near it, I found candles and more candles and still more candles!

I’m not sure why we have so many, but I think it’s because Dale remembered the several days a few years ago that we were without electricity. Not too bad when we could sit in front of the fireplace to stay warm and heat up a few pans of soup just in front of the fire, while using candles as we went from one room to another. But when those candles had given up their job and we had no more to use, life wasn’t the best! We spent three days waiting for the electricity to come back. So what do you think we bought at our next trip to Thrift? Right you are! By the time I had sorted through those candles a couple days ago, I found that we had three very big boxes, full to the top, just in case we lose our electricity again. – CHRIS

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