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170115_friday13thJanuary 15 – So last week was Friday the thirteenth!  How folks down through the ages have shivered as they think of that scary day! Just for fun, I checked with Google and found that this superstition might have come up in the Middle Ages going back to the story of the Last Supper with Jesus as there were 13 people in the Upper Room before His death on Good Friday.

The superstition really began, though, in the 19th century. Here in the USA about 20 million people are afraid that something bad will come upon them. They don’t go to work, or travel, and some don’t even get out of bed!

Now back to this blog post. There won’t be any lengthy items, just a number of shorter happenings I wanted to talk about.  Our friends in Florida phoned a few nights ago just to keep in touch. Since they receive our blog every time we write, we usually don’t keep in touch too often.  However, one funny thing had just happened to Jim, who wanted to tell about it before his wife Eileen hung up the phone.  While outside mowing the lawn, Jim happened to see his “friend,” a very long rat snake, sliding along in the grass. Only parts of it could be seen because the grass was tall. So what did Jim do?  He didn’t want to slice up the snake with the mower, so he stepped down from the mower, and with some sort of prodding help, led the snake right down to the creek and safety!  A bear often comes to the lawn near their home, too.  Eileen told the story of her sister-in-law in the Pennsylvania town where they used to live before moving to Florida.

The sister had left her house to go into town or to make a visit, and while she was gone, some bright young person decided it would be a good time to break into her garage and take what he wanted. Since the keys were still in the car in the garage, after he had broken in, he decided to let that be his first find, followed by other items he might be able to sell.  I have often wondered how or why anybody steals anything.

Well can I remember the evening when one of our neighbors, about thirty years old, walked down the road and opened our unlocked door. Well, my dad heard the noise. The man had been drinking, so he didn’t realize that people are quiet and sneaky when they rob others.  My dad, who always liked the man, realized that he was drunk. Up in the attic above the door, several of my brothers were watching and listening. My oldest brother Roy decided he was going to put an end to this mess. First, he pulled himself up so that he could balance on the sill, and then took a flying leap down onto the man’s back, knocking him to the ground. By that time, our neighbor was thinking that maybe he should have stayed home!

Dad called to my brothers and asked them to escort the man back to his home to make sure nothing bad happened to him on the way.  I was about six when that happened, and I have never forgotten that episode.  Right now my arms feel chilly, and my back as well. When I hear the news or read about young folks who steal without one bit of guilt, I can’t help but wonder where were the older folks in their lives?


[ Ice in the drieveway ]

As I sit here at the computer, I can hear the news coming across the TV in the living room. Because of the promised ice storm (that never really arrived), the Kansas City Chiefs, after consultation with various directors, have decided to move the game with my Pittsburgh Steelers to a later hour, hoping that the weather will change. Hopefully, that decision won’t make any difference in the outcome, and “my” team will be the division winner.

Another interesting item along with the game time change.  When the game was to be played as first scheduled, the ticket prices really plummeted!  When the decision was made to play later in the evening, up went the prices, because there would be more people to buy them as they had planned to be at the stadium once the icy conditions had moved east!

170115_steelerschiefsI am not a real football fan in the way that so many of the folks around us here in Kansas City are, but I do cheer for my Steelers. Reason?  Since my first teaching job was in Pittsburgh, I have just been a loyal fan ever since.  Back to my early days playing with my brothers, and all kinds of “boy” games, even though I was a girl.

I remember the day we were playing out on the black-top road just in front of our house.  Somehow or other I caught the pass sent my way by one of my big brothers. I was so proud that I could do such a great thing that I wasn’t careful enough to get moving with that ball. Bang!  Down I went as another brother tackled me, and I bashed my head on the hard road.  As I remember I was a little bit groggy, but managed to act as if I weren’t because I didn’t want Mom or Pa punishing my brothers because they “should have known better.”  A little late on that day, all of us decided that it might be better if we played “touch” and stop the tackles that could be pretty dangerous.

OK, that’s long enough for this time.  There will be another blog of short items soon. If you are in the midst of an ice storm, as so many of us are, take courage, and remember that “this too shall pass!” – CHRIS

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