Bone Density and Bananas

January 13 – Earlier this week we headed off to Lee’s Summit Medical Center for my bone density test. Left in plenty of time to get there, but we didn’t want to be late. The receptionist was a very nice young lady whose name is Fallon Moody, She even told me not to worry about my signature; it’s bad enough with a steady pen, but with that dumb thing that dances all over the place when I write, well that’s pretty bad!

170113_lsmcShe took me over to the waiting area where another young lady was sitting. She later told me that she has been married 14 years and has an eleven-year-old son who broke his collar bone when he was in first grade in a game at school. That part of the story came up when she asked if I had ever broken any bones. Her name is Latisha and she is a scan technician. I could hardly believe her age.

Talk about an easy test. I wasn’t concerned about it at all except that I didn’t want to
have to use and pay for medicine! She gave me the all clear and said I could go right out to the car without stopping anywhere else. I kept my clothes on, lay on my back on a table, for the scanner that comes down from about 3 feet above. First, comes the scan on the spine. Then she put some blocks down by my feet while raising my legs up. That was for checking out hips. It took longer for the results to be copied out than it did for the tests!


[ Sample test ]

The report is centered around various areas of color. Everything OK comes out with a green field, and the others are red, blue, and yellow, as I remember. Fortunately and with the Lord’s help, I didn’t have listen to any explanation. She just said, “You’re fine. Nothing to be concerned about. No problem at all!” Well, I really wasn’t worried about the results, but it sure was nice to know I didn’t have to. The Lord is good! She asked about our exercising and wanted to know if we walked or did other things. I told her how we used to, but now get most of our exercise during mowing and gardening season.


[ Bananas! ]

After the test, we stopped by to do some shopping at Walmart. While we were looking at the bananas, I turned a bit and nearly had a collision with some big giant of a man. He apologized and then started talking. If you ever knew anybody who talks more than I do, I can show you that one, maybe no others.

He is an avid golfer, plays with teams, etc. and has retired. His wife (the 3rd one) is still working but says she is going to retire this year. He is a really interesting guy and comes up with some really good sentences in his discussions. No matter what came up, he had an experience that topped them all, but in such a way that he didn’t sound like a blabber mouth or like “I’m the best; you know!” I think we stood there by the bananas for well over half an hour, but didn’t mind it.

After we had finally picked out what we wanted, Dad went through the line while I went off to the bathroom. As I was drying my hands, a nice friendly and smiling lady stopped by to say hello before she left. First thing she said was, “Well you are a nice lady. I know you are!” Talk about a shock. I asked her how she knew all this, and she said, “Well, I can tell by your smile and your looks. You don’t even use a cane!”

And with THAT, I’ll close for now! – CHRIS

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