A Broken Pipe Version II

January 8 – I had originally planned to just add a few bits to Dale’s blog entry about the broken pipe, but when it all developed into words enough for another post, I thought I had better not send an add-on, but just write a few more words this story as I saw it!


[ The frozen watermelon ]

I have always wished I could tell my nerves to take it easy when something sad or bad happens. But after trying my entire life to overcome the nervousness I always feel, I still haven’t given up. As I went to the basement on the Day of the Pipe, all was well and I picked out some cans of vegetables to fix up for soup. After those items were laid out on the counter, I started down the stairs again, this time planning to pick up the watermelon that had frozen earlier out in the garage, and dump it in the garbage pail. However, just as I got to the end of the stairs, I could hear a strange kind of hissing noise, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

Didn’t take long to find out, as I looked on the floor by the freezer and found it was wet, very wet and scrunchy as I walked. You can bet I rushed over to the stairs and started to call to Dale who was upstairs on the other side of the house doing some work on the computer! Just as I got to the top of the stairs, in about one or two leaps, he came to ask what I wanted. By that time I had almost lost my voice and kept trying to choke out the words, “The pipe broke! Hurry!”

Rushing past me, he ran just a bit into the storage room where the water was moving rapidly around and soaking everything in sight! In my state of mind, I didn’t even know where the water could be turned off! “No water anywhere right now,” he said resignedly, “as I turned off everything that had to do with water.”


[ National Sea-ographics]

After taking one last look at the boxes of books and old National Geographic magazines and encyclopedias, along with clothes falling off the stand where they had been safe on their hangers just a short time before, I just couldn’t handle the scene. Quickly I ran up the stairs to try to immerse myself in checking through some pages I had written many years ago while still teaching, along with a series for a church magazine, centering on bringing up children. The whole trouble with THAT idea was that the basement scenes and problems kept coming up in my mind all the time I was trying to concentrate on better things!


[ Storage desk under the busted ceiling tiles ]

As I think back now on my escaping the mess while Dale carried boxes of wet stuff out of the room where the pipe broke to safer places away from the water, I wonder what he thought of my leaving that sad scene while he continued to work till the plumbers arrived. I never even went down the stairs once while they were here! Just couldn’t face it. If I remember, I take my blood pressure every day, just to see if it’s about the same. Not that I have that problem, because I don’t. But, I did yesterday! Instead of being lower than 120/60 as I expected, I found that the gauge was not agreeing with that at all! It was 148/69! Maybe that’s not a really bad reading, but it is for me!


[ Soggy ‘cyclopedias ]

By morning, I had put behind me some of the problems of the day before, and was very thankful that we didn’t lose more of our materials. I spent some time putting the wet clothes into the dryer. Fortunately most of them looked just as they did while hanging on the line. As I paged through the magazines and encyclopedias, I found that they might have a few wrinkles here and there, but that’s not too bad. Some of the shells in our collection were broken, but there is still a good supply.


[ Boxes for the burning pile ]

The best part of the whole story is that though I fell apart when all of this happened, I am back to living the good life out here in the country. And in situations like this last one, I can see that Dale is a real partner in taking care of the problems that arise! What I can’t do, my husband still can! In fact as I was writing this blog, Dale was out in the yard burning trash and carrying garbage back to the compost heap. I know he doesn’t appreciate the cold temperature or the snow underfoot, but when I asked him to wait till I had sent off these blogs, he said, “Well, you do your own jobs and some of mine, so this time I’m getting the outside work done before you can do it!” – CHRIS

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