Ends and Odds


[ Frosted Clematis ]

November 17 – We enjoyed having our son Dave, his wife Darlene, and son Christopher here this past weekend, and enjoyed Dave’s sermon for church. He did quite well and got so many appreciative amens and chuckles from it. He received an offer to have him come out once a month, but he very quickly declined! It was also our monthly potluck dinner after church so there was plenty of food.

We have had a number of trays of pear slices and chips in our dehydrator downstairs. Chris peeled them and I sliced most of them. Don’t know how good they will taste when dried, but if they are okay we will have more of them drying in a couple of days.


[ Chris and sunflower stalks ]

We got our first big frost this week as I mentioned in a recent post, and so our morning glories are all gone and frosted for good this season. While Chris was cutting back the peonies and mock oranges, I got to work on the morning glories and pulled a number of the vines off the fence, but both of us had to work on them to get the fence cleaned up. A lot of the roots were VERY large and hard to pull up, so I had to use a weed-puller I ordered from Jung.

The orange trumpet vines also have a lot of things to cut off, and that is next on our list. Chris cut back the two patches of those tall perennial sunflowers, for they had finished blooming and looked mostly dead or dying.

That supermoon was nice and silver in this week’s sky and didn’t look any different to me than on any other moonlight night. It will be be some time until we have another as large.


[ More leaves than we need ]

We have been wondering what to do about all our fallen leaves. Our son said he mowed all of his with a mulching mower, and that seems a good way to get rid of them and return them to the soil sooner. TV was saying that that is a good way to dispose of them. For us, I think that would pose a problem as we have such a lot of lawn and mowing the leaves on it would then necessitate mowing the rest of the surrounding lawn, and that’s too much. A lot of our lawn has grown quite tall, thanks to the mild weather. We were surprised recently to see our next door neighbor over here with his riding mower, mowing our front banks as usual even though they are way short already thanks to his weekly endeavors.

Our son unfortunately hit a deer with their Tahoe a week or so ago, and it sounds like the repairs will cost a wee bit. Insurance will cover that, I think. At least there was no damage to the driver or passengers! After all, the deer could have come through the windshield. My dad used to purposely hit small antelope with the mission truck on trips to Bulawayo from Solusi, and take the meat home for the servants and students. I guess those buck were too small to cause any damage to the bumper. They would often stand in the road and watch the truck approaching, or would try to cross at just the wrong time.

Have a great day and don’t overdo it in the work department! – DALE

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