Colors in the Woods


[ Morning Glories on the fence ]

November 9 – Since we had heard it might rain, we decided to take our almost-daily walk along our trails that form the boundary of our property. Just as we had walked about 30 feet, Dale said, “I think it’s raining. I disagreed, at first, but shortly thereafter, I could HEAR the raindrops when they landed on my old COWBOY hat! Since we could see that the skies ahead were not gray, we decided to spend some time checking out those out-of-this-world morning glory blossoms. Even with all of the pics I took the other morning, I still could not walk past the fence without adding more to my collection! It’s so much fun to photograph such lovely flowers. Both sides of the fence were just covered with that bright blue color, and hopefully will be until the frost comes. Fortunately, that won’t be for a week or two, at least.

As we continued walking, faster than usual, in case the rains did come down, we soon reached the creek with cement slabs in it. When the rains come fast and furious, it’s not good to try to cross that creek because the water is really rushing along. Today, of course, we were not at all worried as there weren’t even any trickles going downstream.


[ Bald cypress leaves ]

Following the trail along the big pond, where the water was rippling and moving from one side of the pond to the other, as the wind kept changing directions. The bald cypress trees, all decked out in their orange/brown autumn colors, stood as tall protectors of that pond. At the very end of the pond, I reminded Dale of the “alligator” that guards its territory and that of its neighbor as it keeps an eye on the waters in which he lies, just about asleep. Well, at least a log that has the shape of an alligator!

Further on, we stopped so I could take a picture of a lovely reddish flower that we had seen several days before when I didn’t have my camera with me. That “flower” wasn’t even moving in the breeze, so I was able to get a good shot. “Now what kind of flower is that?” I asked Dale. “I didn’t remember what you said.” Dale chuckled. “FLOWER?” he asked. “That’s a leaf from the Virginia creeper vine!” “Well, I don’t care,” I answered. “It reminds me of a poinsettia, and is just as pretty even though it is small!” As we continued along, we walked past the place where we had kicked off a great number of osage orange fruits into the field. Some of our many squirrels will have a real feast on them this winter. Those squirrels practically live around the bird feeder when we put out food all during the winter. Just a little bit farther we found another of those beautiful leaves with the poinsettia shape and color.


[ Snug as a cat in a rug ]

As we walked past the place where I had to free our cat from the limbs she was stuck under last year, we talked about that rescue and wondered where she was today! Since she loves to be outside, we have the job of letting her in and out through the day, but at night, while we have settled down to play a game of Rummikub before we go off to bed, she mews in such a plaintive tone that we don’t even try to continue the game until we have let her out. Then in. Then repeat for several times before we go off to bed. She just NEVER decides to stay outside for the night, except when she wants to.

That’s what happened last night. We called and called, opening both the front and back doors, but no Fat Cat appeared. Sadly we left the garage door open so that she could get in when she came back from wherever she had been. First thing this morning, I went out to the door and called her, but she didn’t appear. We called off and on most of the day, until finally, late this afternoon, Dale called me saying, “Come and see who’s eating the cat’s food!” Hurrying out, I found that I was correct in my thought that our dear cat had come back. If only she could talk and let us know where she had been!


[ Paw paw colors ]

I took a few more pictures along the way, including one of beautiful red and yellow leaves on a few saplings. Those were pretty, but their fruit consisted of some strange-looking hard black berries. The paw paw tree was showing off so well that we could see the lovely bright golden color of most of the leaves. Some were a delicate brown with stripes across them, while some were still green as they were this summer. Several new trees a little over a foot and a half tall were growing well close to the parent tree.


[ Thicket of rose bush canes ]

We admired the tall oak trees as we continued to walk through the woods. Some are so tall that we couldn’t see any branches at all until we looked way up! Lots of osage orange trees as well. The leaves are falling so fast through the area these days that soon we will be able to see the many rose bushes with all their ugly thorns, holding their own in the battle for territory. For many years now, I have cut out those dangerous bushes, right down to the ground, leaving me with scratches and gouges, and lots of stuff to burn.

As we neared the end of the trail where the huge bamboo section is located, we could feel the rain as it pattered down on our hats and arms. Since the front porch area was both warm and dry, I picked up some papers and a book that I chose to read while enjoying another fall day. Inside, Dale was answering letters from a couple of friends in Tennessee and California. Awhile later, we both called it quits and settled down to watch Jeopardy. Since I never have cared to watch commercials, I worked some crossword puzzles in between the questions and answers.

Nice to close the day that way. Sure do wish that we could get the politicians to enjoy a little peace and quietness, at least for a couple hours! – CHRIS

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