Retirement, With Morning Glories (and laundry)

November 7 – Well, here I am again after a couple weeks or so of keeping my thoughts to myself instead of sharing with folks who check on us via our blogs.  Now it’s not that we don’t think the world of all of you who drop in on our schedules from time to time.  No, it’s just that we have truly been so busy and have had to meet so many deadlines that we’ve had to choose to do what we must get done, whether we enjoy it all or not.


[ Golden mums ]

Now, don’t get the wrong idea!  We enjoy doing those jobs that we have chosen to do, but just sometimes when that work piles up, we wonder if we are going to have to drop something from our busy schedules.  Sure, I can just about hear you chuckling and asking, “Why are you really so busy?  You should remember that you have been retired for ages, and that you can choose the jobs you wish to have.”

Whenever that thought comes to mind, I remember what my “Big Brother Roy” told me a week or so after he retired from a big corporation job he had had for years. When I pointed out that he was really fortunate and that he would forever be his own boss, never having to take orders or even suggestions from anybody else ever again, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Sis, you might think that’s the way it is, but it really isn’t!  Now, because I am retired, folks will nab me and ask that I just do this or that for them because they can’t get away from their jobs. They often remind me, when I’m trying to decide if I can help them out, that, ‘You’re retired, remember!  You have plenty of time, and we don’t want you to lose your brain power as you get older!’ This statement is always followed by a chuckle and a grin, but if I don’t do what they want, they’re not too happy with me!”

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I like to help folks only because I enjoy doing things like that! I don’t know of any of my friends who would take advantage of anybody else. My trouble is that I am usually the one who offers to help just because I can, and I find real enjoyment in helping others who truly are tied up in their workplaces.

161107_morninggloriesSo what have I been doing lately?  Just enjoying this beautiful fall weather and taking the opportunity of being outside this late in the year.  November has always been a chilly month with mostly gray skies and sometimes snow in the yards and fields, a month that tells us winter will soon be here.  But this year?  None of the above! Earlier this morning I was so impressed with the beauty of myriads of bright blue morning glory blooms all along a section of the front fence next to the road, that I pulled out my camera and took many, TOO many, pics of their eye-catching blooms.

I thought again that it was thanks to our son-in-law Harvey!  Years ago those morning glories so captured the interest of Harvey, that Dale has planted them in the same place for years, except for one or two when the weather was just too wet and cold. Since Harvey drives past that fence on his way to and from his work on the farm, he marvels at their beauty.  Every time I snapped a pic this morning, I said to myself, “You already have dozens of those because you capture them every year!  Why waste your time or camera batteries!”  Well, I know why!  Because every year they seem to be more beautiful, and that beauty I can go back to during the winter when the vines have been pulled up, and I have to wait for many months before they are back. Seeing those morning glory flowers stored up in the computer surely doesn’t compare with the “real thing,” but it helps, on chilly winter days, to have something to which we can look forward.


[ Laundry on the linie ]

As usual, I have been hanging out the clothes on the line, taking advantage of the warmer weather and the winds that take the place of the dryer sitting down in the basement. A couple weeks ago, while I was reaching up to the line to add a towel or two to the empty place near the sheets, I heard a strange sound. Turning around, I saw that the line had broken, sending the clothes almost to the lawn.

Fortunately, the clothes pole had kept them from falling all the way. Quickly I pulled on the line until I could pin it onto the other line beside it.  What a mess that was, with all sorts of unmatched laundry hanging on to each other, while I tried to figure out what to do. What else?  Dale to the rescue!

Finally, we were able to unwind and re-pin the clothes, deciding right then that we needed to buy a new clothesline! However, we didn’t until several weeks later when I noticed that the knot Dale had put in the rope, was slowly coming apart. You can be sure I wasn’t taking any more chances of having the newly-washed clothes fall to the ground!  At the hardware store one of the employees showed us the only lines that were available, just three or four of them.  After giving us the sales pitch that the line was really well made and wouldn’t ever break again, he gave the last good news: “My grandma has used this for years, and she has NEVER had to fix it up because it broke!”  Off he went to his work, and off we went, clothesline in hand, to the check out counter!  Really now, just two clothes lines in 18 years isn’t too bad, especially when I use the dryer just about 10 times each year! – CHRIS

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