It’s a Bad, Bad Battery


[ Battery replacement ]

November 3 –  Harvey and his older son Robbie, and dad Bob stopped by Tuesday to check on the status of our car battery. The car wouldn’t start on Saturday and has refused to start since then, despite jumper cables and a long time with our truck running to pass on a charge. It was decided that we need a new battery, and so Robbie removed the old battery and placed it in the back of the truck.

It seems like I spent much of yesterday working on our car with the bad battery, arranging this and that for the jumper cables, putting in a new terminal connection, etc. Finally made a run in to Pleasant Hill to get a new battery, which cost $127. A jump-start would have been a lot cheaper if it had worked! Harvey stopped by a couple of times and tried jump-starting too but he finally said it had to be a bad battery.


[ Anybody for beans? ]

Chris has been very busy in the kitchen, cooking two kinds of dry beans in our pressure cooker. One of the kinds is soy beans, and many people don’t even consider them as a food. They are not my favorite bean, but are okay. In many fields around us these beans are growing, and now being harvested. The Reynolds are cattle/corn/soy bean farmers – the corn has been harvested, and now it is time for the soybeans. They carry their harvest in a large truck, to buyers with big silos.

Wonder how many of you had trick-or-treaters for Hallowe’en?  I suppose a number of you had your lights off to discourage them! None at all here, of course, as we live too far out in the country.

Chris has been out taking pictures of the morning-glories which are in full bloom now. They certainly are beautiful! – DALE

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