It’s a Son-shine Day

November 2 – We are still having warm days and it’s November! Here’s wishing for this trend to long continue, and for a mild, snowless winter. Hallow’en has passed safely and the ghouls and goblins can rest and enjoy their candy treats. We didn’t have any of those kiddoes at our house, as we are out in the country, not close to any trick-or-treater’s homes. Sorry, you stores that we skipped buying candy from; your loss was our gain.


[ David and the TroyBilt

This past Sunday was a grey day, a bit breezy, and the sun didn’t shine on us all day. But we did have a son, David, who came out from Shawnee, KS, to visit and to help with yard chores for a few hours. Very good to see him, and we invited him to sit down and talk for a while, but he said that would come do that later and that now he was ready to lend a hand outdoors.

I suggested he might like to rototill our garden, which had already been done twice, but still needed another round to get rid of a lot of the persistent grass. When I pulled the Troybilt rototiller out of the shed, we talked about how many years ago David had used this very machine in our garden back in Erie, PA, as just a pre-teen. Sort of amazing that it was still in existence after so many years of use, still with the same tires but a different engine. A few pulls on the starter cord and that engine was running.

There wasn’t much to do to get the tiller working, with just about two levers that needed to be used. David was soon at work following the tiller back and forth until the whole section of garden that needed tilling had been done – twice! I was just hanging around, taking it easy. Chris was inside, busy at doing some important typing on the computer keyboard, and was later annoyed at herself for not coming out to take pictures. But David took selfies with his cell phone.


[ Our pond in fall glory ]

With the tilling done, David asked what was next on the to-do list. Well, there was an area on our pond wall that could not be mowed and needed attention with a weed-eater. Some days earlier I had used the weed-eater there but ran out of gas and I just quit, planning to return on another day to finish the job. In just a few minutes Dave was busy with the Stihl weed-eater, right at the water’s edge, working his way around the numerous old muskrat tunnels and openings that kept us from using a push mower. I just stood there on the pond wall, watching and admiring the action.

Once this task was completed, we meandered back to the house to shed shoes and jackets before Dave went to help his mom with computer problems. Being a computer man by trade, he seemed to have little trouble taking care of them. Then we sat around for a while and just talked and enjoyed ourselves. Back at home he was planning to mow the leaves on his lawn, rather than rake them up, so after a while he figured he had better head for home and get to work there. He left us a box of apples and took with him some bags of home-frozen corn.


[ Grandson Kevin ]

Not long after he left, our son-in-law Harvey stopped by for a visit, and we had a fine time talking about all manner of things. Not long after he had left, his younger son Kevin stopped by to say hello and goodbye, as he was on his way back to Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he is studying to be a nurse.

He had just been at home for a short period and was happily sporting a nice truck cap on his green Ford F150, just transferred from a used truck the farm had purchased. The farm didn’t need or want the cap, so Kevin was blessed to be the recipient. This had indeed been a SUN/SON day – it was Sunday, (no sun shining on us, though) and we had been visited by our son, son-in-law, and a grandson. – DALE

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