The Fruit That Came in Pears

October 19– Have some time to write a few words about what we have been doing lately. I haven’t written a blog in so long that I can hardly remember what I have written earlier! Of course, our days aren’t really too exciting, but we do manage to find enough work to do to keep us busy.


[ Pears compared to US dime ]

Before going out to the garden, I sorted through the big box of Asian pears that I mentioned earlier. After choosing the largest and ripest, I spent about an hour working on that job. We had planted two of these unusual trees a number of years ago, and they bear fruit in abundance.

In the beginning we really guarded the pears, and I saved every little bit I could, but since we couldn’t eat all of them, I put some in the blender, and froze the sauce in the freezer. That was not a good idea! After sampling the frozen fruit a number of times, probably enjoying it less every time, we decided to toss out the pears and never freeze any more.

However, one day one of our friends came out to take home some of the fruit to cut up for his dehydrator. That was a brand new idea for us, so we decided to do the same. Now, that was a real find! Talk about delicious fruit! When the cut-up pears dry out over night, we find that we have about a quart of dried pears to put in the freezer. Very good tasting. A number of folks who had never before heard of this Chinese fruit, now tell us over and over how good they taste. Several are using their dehydrators now, and some have decided to buy at least one tree for their yard!


[ Vines for the compost pile ]

I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when I was able to tell Dale that I finally cut up all of the Asian pears he needed to fill up the six trays in the dehydrator. Then, when he announces that he has just carted off a couple big bucketsful of peelings, cores, and  that were to make the compost pile even larger than it was yesterday when we dumped tomato vines there, I’m more than glad that we can work together.


[ Happy pear man ]

Other than pears, we had to get in touch with some on-line folks to steer us to the health program we prefer. As a result, Dale was on the phone for an hour or more this week. I listened in for some of the time, but since I wasn’t needed I continued on with the laundry, four big loads this time! Fortunately, the sun was shining, with the wind blowing at about 30 miles per hour, and some of the clothes were dry before I even finished hanging up the second load.

I just wish the weather would cooperate with me all through the year so I would never have to use the dryer. Not that I don’t appreciate what that good old appliance does for me when it’s snowing in the winter, but I would much rather have the sheets and towels blowing in the wind, and the clean clothes right off the line smelling so sweet. – CHRIS

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