The Jobs of Fall

October 15 – The last couple of weeks have included a number of tasks that are linked specifically to the fall season and the end of the garden.

161015_trumpetvinesFor example, Chris recently worked on the orange trumpet vines along our east fence. They need to be trimmed or incorporated into the fence itself, as there are lots of long extensions that are in the way when we mow. I also continue working on the stump of the old Jonathan apple tree that I cut down. It was bearing only wormy fruit, so had to go. I occasionally pour in a bucket of water into the hole I’m digging around the stump. Once the hole is big enough, I’ll work at cutting the trunk below ground level and then fill in the cavity.

Also got our fabric hammock back into position on the metal frame, as the wind had rather unhelpfully unhooked part of it. Now I have a brick on it, to hold it in place. Based on the expected rainfall, another task is carrying water out for the row of morning glories. They are blooming now but do better with sufficient water to keep them happy.

161015_succulentsThe big table of cacti and succulents that spend the summer outdoors have now been moved back into our living room for winter. They do not care for cold weather any more than I do. The tomato cages and plants within are also now out of the garden and out of the way. Chris mowed the garden itself and the long grass is now short grass. And as Chris has mentioned, our compost heap is now a big mound of no-good apples and Asian pears, and butterflies are enjoying the juices.

Don’t know if I have mentioned that we had a repairman come out from Harrisonville to work on our garage door as it would close with the remote. We’ve been having to close it from inside via the main button and then go out through the front door. Which, of course, kind of defeats the purpose of a garage door opener.

161015_birdfeederWith fall here and winter drawing closer, I’ve been checking the bird seed that we have on hand. I buy bags of white millet and black sunflower seed, as the commercial blends usually have milo in them that the birds don’t much care for.

Haven’t bought any seed all summer, as we are waiting for winter to get here, when the birds really need food. We will see how much sharing the squirrels and birds care to do.

And as always this last week (and therefore actually unrelated to fall), we stopped at ALDIs to see if they have any bargains, and then to Price Chopper in Pleasant Hill. It’s not just the birds and the squirrels that need to eat, you know. – DALE

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