Thinking Back on Town Day

October 5 –  Sitting here at the end of a usual busy day, reviewing my diary to help me remember what we did last Thursday when we were in town. Somehow, with our always being busy here at home or at the stores, or just visiting with friends we meet along the way, it seems as if there isn’t enough time in a day. That’s why I try to get up pretty early so I can accomplish more easily what I set out to do.


[ Not time to go to bed YET, it is? ]

Now, on the other end of the day, I don’t like to go to bed! That seems like such a waste of time. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything I would like to do, if I don’t get up early and go to bed late! Poor Dale isn’t exactly keen on that schedule. As for our son David, he’s in full agreement with staying up late, often into the early morning, but he does not want to get up early. Three different plans for scheduling, and all in the same family!

As usual on our “Town Day,” we stopped first at the post office where we had a great visit with our friend Richard who, until he recently retired, was the post master. He is always so encouraging and makes it very plain that he is glad to see us and learn what’s going on in our lives. All of us have interesting things happen to us every day, so it’s fun to compare notes at our weekly meetings.

Also enjoyed a conversation with Rick, the new postmaster, who is always more than ready to share the latest fun concerning his just-turned-two granddaughter. She will never lack for help and inspiration from her grandpa, her dad, and her uncle!


[ Susan at the Thrift Store ]

At the Thrift Store, we enjoyed a long visit with Susan, who sorts through all of the donations given by so many people. I’m always glad to see the boxes where new books are set out. As you know, I buy them to share with kids in a school and those in the church along with Rick’s granddaughter. How I wish I had had access to boxes of books like those when our kids were small and later on when I taught. Pretty hard to become a good reader enjoying books if there aren’t many to read! Yes, I know there are computers and many other ways of checking out books, but it’s just not the same without a real book in your hand!


[ Cheryl at Price Chopper ]

As usual, it was great to see our friends at Price Chopper. No matter how pressing their work, they are always happy and smiling and ready to give a big hug when we find them in various areas of the store. Quite a nice long visit with Shelby, a new employee, as she told us about her family. How proud of those little ones she is! Of course, Robbie, the produce manager, took a chance to remind me that he was THIRTY years younger than I, but I reminded him that I could still read and mow and cook and climb stairs, which some “aged” folks can’t!

Since we were going to be in the store anyway, Dale thought it would be good to have our annual flu shots. That would be fine with me especially since we were not at the end of a line, but just sat on a chair and waited for the technician to finish what he was working on.

When he asked, “Who’s first?” he received two answers, but both meant the same thing. My “I am!” came out at the same time Dale pointed to me and said, “She is!” As usual, my arm was sore (and still is three days later), but also as usual, Dale felt nothing at all after the shot!

Next, we planned to visit Clyde at his home near the store, but when we rang the bell several times, nobody came to answer. Since the garage door was opened, we knew he had to be home, but after waiting and waiting, we finally left. Later we received an email telling us that he had been at home waiting for us and wondered if the door bell needed to be replaced.


[ Just another odd mushroom ]

Closer to home, we stopped in to visit with Don and Ann and enjoyed talking with them about a number of different subjects. They are always interesting as they come up with things that happened many years ago as well as others that took place just recently.

Don is full of stories of his early life and family, and Ann, with her big smile, brings us up to date on their lives together. She showed us some beautiful mums, purple and bright yellow that she had bought to brighten up the porch. Don told us of a huge brown mushroom that he had come across while mowing. Dale brought a big piece of it home to identify, but none of our books about mushrooms gave a good answer. Since there are so many varieties of mushrooms, it’s often hard to make a positive ID.

Back home by two o’clock, we sat down to eat our “breakfast”; we were so busy enjoying our friends, that we didn’t even feel hungry at all! If we had to choose between food and friendship, we both know which one would come first! Anybody can fill his plate with food, but friendship is so much more important to both of us! – CHRIS

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