All in a Dale’s Work – Part II


[ Our country road ]

September 29 – Yesterday I started a list of tasks that Dale had on his list recently. I’ll finish up that list today by mentioning he bagged up some tasty Pearly Pink tomatoes and a bag of green and black peppers for a neighbor. “Want to walk up to Joe’s to give him some tomatoes?” he asked. Sure I would! A walk would be good for us and take our minds off the jobs we had to take care of.

The funny part was that after we had dropped the vegetables on Joe’s porch and were on our way down the hill towards home, Harvey stopped and told us that Joe was in California! We suggested he take the bags and give them to somebody else in the family.


[ Water storage ]

Later in the day while I was mowing across the creek in the pond area, Dale weeded all around the water storage tank and then applied Round Up to kill all the weeds before they got any bigger. He also sprayed weed killer along the fences so I wouldn’t have to pull them by hand. Sure is nice to have somebody who can do the job and let me get out of some of the weeding that takes so much time.

Just before I started mowing in another area, we stopped at the big black walnut tree where tent caterpillars had made nests on many of the branches. While I stood on tip toe to grab the branches and hold them down, Dale cut off many of them. The branches were either covered with insects, or the remaining parts of the branches were ugly and didn’t have walnuts on them. As Dale continued to cut through the branches, some much bigger than he used to cut by hand, I told him I was surprised at how well he was trimming them. His answer? “Well, I have those clippers that Clyde gave me awhile back. Remember?” Well, sure I did, at least after he told me! That Clyde! He is always donating something to the cause. This same set of clippers had had a lot of work to do even earlier in the day when Dale cut limbs from an apricot, an ash or two, and a pear.


[ Cat and snake, no flowers or birds]

And that’s the list we came up with. Of course normally, he wouldn’t mention anything he had accomplished in a day, but as I asked questions, he just nonchalantly answered.

So much of our daily life is spent outside working, checking on cats and flowers and birds and bugs, with a few snakes tossed in along the way. We don’t plan on staying inside most of the day for a long time. Hope it all works out! – CHRIS

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