Clippin’ the Jungle


[ Chris clipping weeds ]

September 26 – Yesterday I ended my tale along with the balky lawnmower. But that was certainly not the end – I decided to let the mower rest for a bit while I began cutting the grass, some of it as tall as I am! My eyes were just about bleary because of the humidity, and it was hard for me to see where I should use the clippers. By the way, those clippers or pruners were a real help, a recent gift from our good friend Clyde, who always looks out for us when he visits garage sales or discounts in the regular stores. Dale used them when cutting off the branches from the walnut trees just a few days ago. Just as I was beginning to think my best plans weren’t moving along as I had planned, I heard a very familiar voice as Dale walked towards me.

“Boy am I ever glad you came!” I said. “I sure could use you to help me this time!” “Bet you couldn’t start the mower again,” he said. “Right?” Yes, he was right, and had the mower going in no time. While I mowed, he cut down the rest of the very tall grass, and then decided he would walk back up to the shed to get a rake to push it all together. While he was gone, I pushed the big stalks together and carted them over to the edge of the mowed area. Two more trips, and just as he was coming along with the rake, I threw the last over onto the pile. Quite a surprise for Dale! Oh, I almost forgot. Not only did he bring the rake, and gas for the mower, but also a bottle of icy water for me! That guy is so thoughtful!


[ Grass, be thou cut! ]

Then came one of the more interesting part of our activities down there in the jungle. Seeing one of the county workers mowing along the road as he had been doing most of the day in other areas, I waved, then acting on the idea I had just thought of, I put my palms together in a plea for help!

He got the idea right away, nodded his head, and backed up with his big shiny circular saw blade. Slowly he started out and in a few seconds flat had a section of the still-to-be mowed area taken care of. I waved and smiled and clapped my hands in appreciation. Quick! Why not ask him to do another section right next to the fence! I could see he was still smiling, so I knew he would be happy to oblige! He accomplished in about five minutes what would have taken me at least 15 or 20! These days it’s hard for people to be happy with any government worker with all of the sad messages taking place before the November election, but I won’t forget what that young man did for me today. I guess he could see that it was time to bring an end to the work in our mini-jungle.

Before we left, Dale and I found one of those beautiful black and gold spiders on a web near a locust tree. Another bit of enjoyment in the jungle! God has given us so much to appreciate, no matter what we are doing or where we are. – CHRIS

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