Squirrels, Birds, and Bugs


[ Handy-dandy bird guide ]

September 23 – Our bird friends have been active as they search for food and keep their young ones happy and well-fed. You may remember that we decided not to put sunflowers, millet, and other kinds of food out for the birds of all kinds that frequented our bird feeder this spring.

We decided they could find their own food before cold weather came along. Reason? Just one good one. As soon as Dale would come in from the feeder, squirrels came from all directions. In fact, some came close while he was still putting out the food. For the first week of having to find their own food, they popped into the area hunting all over the place, just hoping to find the seeds that were always within reach.


[ Cat waits for the squirrels ]

They were so sure of themselves that when I walked out of the garage and moved towards the feeder, several squirrels would continue in the same place they had chosen, still trying to find food the easy way. Finally, if I clapped my hands together, the squirrels would disappear into the trees. Once in a while, a couple of them who were new in the family, will chase each other all over the area, their tails shaking back and forth as they scoot around.

A few days ago as I looked out the back window, I saw five bluebirds taking a bath in the big water pan. That was just a normal sight, but last night I spied a blue jay, probably a young one, dancing around in the water as well, and having a really good time. Often a group of robins will come to check out the area as they pull their food out of the ground. Worms, of course! I counted twenty of them a few days ago. It was easy to see that there were some younger ones in the group.


[ Ignore at your own peril! ]

As we walk the pasture trails, it’s hard for me not to stray into the fields to get just the right picture to put in my flower folders on the computer. Unfortunately, the chiggers which inhabit the land do not worry about who is fair game! At the end of the days when I have forgotten to put on anti-chigger spray, I can easily tell that the horrible insects have landed on me in many parts of my body. And do those spots itch—and ITCH and ITCH! Before we moved out here from Pennsylvania, I had never even heard of a chigger, let alone been introduced to those insects. It seems to me now, that they are very eager to make my acquaintance!

Yes, living away from the city as we do, we have found many insects birds, and flowers that we had only read about before we moved here. It’s always fun and interesting to deal with these other living creatures. – CHRIS

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