Jonathan Butterflies

160915_dalecuttingSeptember 15 – Dale recently cut down our old Jonathan apple tree out in the back yard. The branches ended up being so tangled and heavy that Dale had a hard time cutting them off. One was so heavy that he had to cut it into three parts before we could take it back to the burning pile. I dragged just one at a time, but you might know who took one in each hand! Not to show off, either, but that’s just the way Dale always works. Oh, well I try to console myself by remembering that I can stick with the job till it’s over, even if it does take me longer to do the same job he does!

Once the apple tree branches and limbs were on the burning pile, I got a garden rake and a couple of five-gallon buckets to clean up around the area. Lots and lots of apples, but mostly not very delicious looking! So many had wormy areas, and many others I ran over with the lawn mower the other day. After raking them together into piles, I picked them up by hand and soon filled three buckets. Nice of Dale to carry them back to the compost heap while I gathered up a few small branches from the area.


[ Red Spotted Swallowtail ]

Whenever I was working in the compost area, I remembered how much the red spotted swallowtail butterflies enjoyed getting some good food from the apples and other tidbits. Not one did I see today, except as we carted away the apples they had enjoyed through the last week. They will just have to get used to the fact that their restaurant is still waiting for them, but it’s in a new location under the shady trees by the fence. I’ll check on them again when I go out tomorrow to put the tomato cages back in their place by the wood pile fence.


[ Swallowtail sipping cider ]

Strange how I have kept track of those two, first at the compost pile, then in the Nanking Cherry bushes, and in some of the Asian Pears before they were gathered off the lawn, and now back to the apples they have been enjoying from time to time. However, there’s a big difference between what they call a real feast and what I count as delicious! They like everything fermented, while I prefer good food as it comes from healthy plants and bushes and trees! – CHRIS

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