Random Doings


[ Still no satellite ]

September 8 – Several days after trying to adjust our satellite dish (see yesterday’s post), a friend of ours who is an expert in dishes and electronics came out at my request to see what he could do about our missing church-related channels. For quite a while he checked and fiddled and worked away and used his electronic tools, until at last he had recovered the missing channels and came in and sat down and endeavored to put in a channel we had never had before. Then somehow they all disappeared again, and he could not get them back!

We went out and checked the cable from the dish to the house, and then down into the basement to check it there. Nothing had been moved but there was a gouge in the cable right where it went into the basement wall and he wondered if perhaps that might be the problem. So he went home and said he would get a length of cable and return to see if new cable will be the solution.

Enjoyed a phone conversation with one of Chris’ nephews in Erie, PA. He sends us a lot of colorful pictures of insects and flowers, as he is an avid photographer. Here are a couple of them, just for proof!


We also had morning company, as our son-in-law’s mother came over to give us haircuts, as she does every few weeks. Chris and I take turns sitting on a chair in the kitchen while scissors and clippers do their work. Now we feel that our appearances are much improved. After our haircuts we had a pleasant visit in the living room, exchanging news and comments about life out here in Missouri.


[ The deadly aminita ]

Our flowering plants and vines are looking good this morning. There are masses of small white clematis, lots of orange trumpet flowers, and the Heavenly Blue morning glories have just started to bloom. In the garden there is a large mound of white daturas that bloom by night and then gradually close in the warmth of the morning.

In our north pasture there is a clump of ten white amanita mushrooms, deadly but attractive. I think they got mowed down yesterday when our son-in-law’s dad mowed the pasture just to make it look nice for us. They were the third batch that sprang up in that same spot this year. If the grass was long enough to provide hay for the cattle, would those dried up mushrooms prove to be poisonous, or is it just people who are killed by them? – DALE

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