Two Years and Counting

September 2 – I was thinking recently about our blog entries and their varied content, and was reminded that we have been at this blog writing for a little more than two years now! How time does fly when the days are full of activity, work, enjoyment, love and friendship, and all the rest that make us happy, and thankful for each new day when the sun comes up, and we are ready for what lies ahead.

Just for fun, I went back to that very first published blog of August 2014. Here is a copy along with interaction.


201408_haybaleJust a few days went by before we received the following responses, one from a friend, and the second from a man that we had never heard of before.

1. Tammy says:  August 19, 2014 at 6:57 am – Love this! Chris you are too funny…climbing up on that bale. I’m sharing this with my family too.

2. gpcox says: December 2, 2014 at 6:19 am -Tell David – Thanks for bringing your life to us!!

My very first response to one who had written a note to us? It was in answer to gpcox! I told him that we had told our son thanks, and that David says it’s a great way for him to keep up with our daily lives as well.

The answer from Mr. Cox? Ah-ha, he had an alternative motive!

I once had the thought that if folks all around this world could send off e-mails or write some stories about their lives, and send them off in a blog, there would soon be a real network of folks who write of their good experiences, of friendship, and a desire to make the world a happier place because of them and sharing their lives with others.

160901_CountriesThrough the days that have gone by, we have heard from people in many countries around the world. David recently told us: “So far in August you’ve had blog visitors from the US, France, UK, Norway, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the Philippines, Finland, Austria, and the European Union. No matter how many times I see a list like that it still surprises me.”

So Dale and I continue to write our blogs, although not quite as often as we used to do at first. In the beginning, I thought there was a law on the blog books that said, “If you start this, be sure to finish, and never skip a day!” I really did try to obey that law, but I don’t want to repeat and repeat from blogs in earlier years. Maybe if I would write shorter blogs instead of the lengthy or very lengthy ones, it would work out better.

Maybe I’ll try that—AFTER I send off the last couple to put “out there!” Now there’s one especially that I couldn’t make shorter, but you will see that one later. It will take you off to the edge of our big pond where I was mowing two days ago when the mower’s front wheels ran over a nest of dear and friendly little yellow jackets! When they were done tormenting me, I wondered if they really had any friends, even in their own family!

Since I still have a lot of red and itchy spots all over my body, I am not yet convinced that they do! – CHRIS

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