The Birdies in the Treetops


[ Lotsa-notes ]

August 23 – As I check my computer desk, I usually find quite a few notes about items I had planned to write about in the blog, but just never got around to working on them. Usually, I have too many words and have to figure out just how much of what I have written would really be too long for a blog!

Because I’m interested in so many ideas, it’s hard for me to quit writing about them. Just like my conversations. I really do enjoy talking with people, getting their ideas, and listening to them as they express themselves. Of course, some of them think I talk too much, and they’re probably correct. However, some of the chatter takes place because I am embarrassed when the conversation tapers off, and nobody seems to know what to say or do at that point. Sometimes we just leave amicably and go our own way, but often, I try to keep an interesting and informative conversation going. Yes, I do talk a lot!

When I have planned to blog about something of interest, I usually end up writing much more than I had thought about in the beginning. I guess that’s because as I write about one item, I am reminded of others that are part of the original, but with more details.

So what’s today subject? One I have written on before, and that’s our local bird population. Living out here in the country, we get to see a lot of our feathered friends and their doings.


[ Blue jays around one of our tree ]

One of our favorite birds is the blue jay, the bird with the bright blue tuxedo! Very early in the lives of our kids, they enjoyed the jays as well. As we walked or climbed around in Wintergreen Gorge back in Pennsylvania, we saw those birds often, and very much appreciated their looks and their call.

Awhile back, here in Missouri, I was standing by our big front window when a jay flew right smack towards me and bashed himself, falling to the lawn. He must have thought I was a real enemy, as he probably saw his reflection in the window. Running out the door and moving quickly toward him as he lay quietly on the grass, I had just reached out my hand to pick him up as we had done with so many other birds that had bashed into that window. I didn’t even get a chance to pick up that jay because it flew up and away just as I reached out my hand!

Out on the front lawn we have two quite large mock orange bushes. As we sat out on the porch from time to time this spring, we saw a pair of birds frequenting one of the bushes. In the beginning both the male and female sat out on the wires singing away. No wonder they are called “mocking,” because it seems to me that we must have heard the song of every bird living in this area! I think that they really enjoy making the song the cardinal sings with such real joy! I don’t even know if they have a song of their own. Guess they are too busy singing the songs of others! I read once that they have 30 or 40 songs that they sing when they choose.

One day, it seemed as if the female had disappeared, just like that! I wondered if those two birds had decided that the mock orange was a good place to build a nest. I continued to mow the lawn on both sides of the bush. When I had finished the job from week to week, I noticed that one of the birds flew back to the nest. Finally the day came when the female would not come out of the bush when I went by. Just after that, I decided to take a quick peek to see if the pair really had built a nest. Sure, they had! A nice little home for the tiny mocking bird babies to come.


[ It’s more peaceful in the BACK yard]

Some days later, I was mowing down the side hill not too far from the nest, when I saw a red brown squirrel scoot past me as if his worst enemy were following! Maybe it was right in its thinking because just after it flew by, the mocking bird flew by, as well, catching up to the squirrel, and with no good intent in mind!

Good thing we have the time to watch the birds, as that’s a good bit of the fun and blessings we receive from living out in the country. – CHRIS


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