Surprise Lilies


[ So where are the flowers? ]

August 8 – Several years ago, Dale and I stopped in at a lot of garage sales because we had more time to enjoy such things then than we do now. At one sale, we found a lot of bulbs in a box. The owner offered Dale a good price, while saying, “I don’t really know what they are, but I think they’re probably daffodils.” Since Dale enjoys anything that has to do with flowers or gardening, he snapped up the deal. Since he thought they truly were daffodils, he planted them in a section neighboring those lovely yellow flowers.

In the spring, there were the beautiful golden daffodils, along with white narcissus. But we had quite a surprise one morning when we noticed that the daffodils we thought we had planted turned out to be something darker green, with not one flower! And to our great surprise, the plants we thought were daffodils just fell back and died without a single flower, while the real ones continued blooming for quite some time.


[ Ah, here we go ]

What a big surprise we had a couple of months later! There, where the original new “daffodils” were supposed to be, were quite a number of little bits of life popping out of the ground. What in the world had we bought at that garage sale?!

Day by day, the little light green tubes reached for the sunshine, growing several inches daily, and adding reddish buds, until finally, they were about 32 inches tall, and a stunning pinkish purple lily with several blossoms. Whoever picked out Surprise Lily as a name for this delightful flower was pretty bright! Just for fun, I checked with Google just now and found that the lily has many other names than the one we know. Some are the resurrection lily, naked lady, spider lily, pin flamingo flower, and hurricane lily!


[ Sticks to measure the height ]

Before this year, I hadn’t kept track of the lilies as far as growth was concerned, but just admired their beauty and felt sad when they started to die and topple over. Just thought it might be fun to visit our lilies every day from the day I could see the tiny bud making its way out into the world, to the time they were fully grown.

I took a few pictures every day and made a little chart about their growth. There was a total of 41 plants. One was stepped on when just popping out of the ground. The others grew every day till most had reached 30 inches or more. On the 27th of July, the heights measured ranged from 3-10 inches.

Here is the chart:

July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31
3″ 8″ 14″ 23″ 28″
8″ 15″ 20″ 24″ 30″
10″ 17″ 21″ 26″ 32′


[ Masses of blooms ]

By August 1, just six days after I noticed the first lily coming up, all were sporting beautiful pink blossoms. That’s what they’re doing now. Although they are about 300 feet from the house, we can see them standing tall in the late sunshine, giving a beautiful glow to the early evening hours as the sun calls them to stand tall and show their beauty.

That reminds me of the blessing we can be to all who know us as we stand tall in our desire to help someone have a good day, growing in love and kindness, and always with our face lifted to the Son! – CHRIS

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2 Responses to Surprise Lilies

  1. LOVED this post! Wendy and her husband are living in our house in KS where she is getting her RN. Tom and I never go out til October, so we had never gone out til October, so we had no idea that we had “Surprise Lilies in our side yard! Wendy hadn’t realized they were flowers and had mowed over them. They came up and “surprised” everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures she has posted on facebook. We had never seen just stems ad flowers with no LEAVES! We had to ask people what they were! They are beautiful, and the color of the buds is stunning!


  2. What a lovely surprise and lilies are a wonderful flower.


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