Hummers and the Hammocks

July 30 – Looking out across the road we can see the house of our neighbors, Janice and Bob, the parents of Harvey, who married our daughter Biz. (It’s great to have them nearby, recently Janice brought us over a dozen ears of sweet corn just picked from the patch, and in the afternoon, our grandson Kevin brought us more! That family is really generous!) Sometimes we can see fifty or more cows grazing in the pasture or rushing up towards the barn to get special food put out for them. In the trees away from their house we often watch a hawk swoop down to nab an unsuspecting victim. Crows and vultures were in the area, doing the same thing.

160729_ShovelBirdOn the front railing there’s a very strange looking bird made from a shovel! On the other side of the porch are the wind chimes I mentioned yesterday, along with a sign that says “DUN ROAMIN’; a sign inspired by a similar one that Dale’s folks used to have hanging on THEIR porch railing. In the evening we listen to the coyotes sing their typical song as they disappear into the darkness.

160927_HummerFeederNot too far above the shovel bird is the humming bird feeder which does not have as many visitors as usual this year. There are good memories of the days when six or eight hummers waited their turn, or just picked a place to drink after shooing off the others.

Some afternoons we choose to walk back to the mulberry and pine trees where we have hammocks, one on a heavy twine tied up between two trees, and the other reddish canvas one that hangs on a regular frame. We both take something to read while we’re out there. That’s when I can almost hear Dale thinking out loud! Why? Because I always like to share the interesting material I am reading, while he would just appreciate me letting him enjoy his book without being interrupted by my telling him what I am reading! Sometimes he tries, in a kindly way, to let me know that he has already read the material anyway!

160729_DaleHammockThe other day as I looked over towards his hammock, I saw him lying across the surface, head on one side and feet on the other. And he was sleeping in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position! Quickly I rolled out of my hammock and ran up to fetch my camera from the house. Oh well, by the time I got back, he was awake again and had been reading once more! “Mind if I take your picture?” I asked.

“No, go ahead,” he answered. “What’s it for THIS time?”

After I told him it would be part of a blog, he just murmured, “Hmmm. Another one?!” and just kept on resting… – CHRIS

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