Not Working


[ Summer clouds ]

July 28 – A number of times during these couple years since that we have been writing a blog, we have received comments both online and face-to-face. Sometimes they’ve been comical, sometimes happy, but the majority of remarks revolve around our daily working activities. Some ask, “What do you do when you’re NOT working?” or “Do you ever have any fun?” or “At your age, how can you still do all of the work that you do, especially since it’s outside?”

One funny guy even said, “Let me feel that muscle in your arm,” while another just took my hand in his and squeezed it till I thought I would scream! But I wouldn’t give him the benefit of seeing a few tears of pain! I have written about my five brothers and how if I wanted to survive and have fun playing with them, I wouldn’t feel pain!


[ Chairs on the porch ]

So, the few words to follow are just to let you know that we really don’t work every minute of every day. While working, we work, and while resting, we just take life a little easier.

A couple of late afternoons ago, Dale and I sat out on the front porch, enjoying the surroundings and each other’s company and . Sometimes we talked; sometimes we just listened and looked! Being out here in the country, we don’t have much traffic going past, and we are really glad for that! We enjoy listening to the wind chimes as the breeze picks up. The tinkle of the metal as it comes in contact with other sections lifts our hearts.


[ Wind chimes ]

Just in front of us are two big mock orange bushes. In one, a mocking bird has made a nest. Maybe it’s the same family that we enjoyed watching last year. We especially enjoy the days when the little ones come out of the eggs and beg for food. The mother and the father take turns rushing off for something to feed these “starved” kids of theirs.

Overhead we see the occasional planes flying to Kansas City, leaving their trails in the sky. One of our favorite activities is watching the huge cumulus clouds as they slowly sail on by with plenty of others to take their place. Since both of us can really see all sorts of pictures in those clouds (thanks to our imagination), it’s fun to point out to each other just what is pictured there. Sometimes we see faces in the clouds, fat faces, grumpy faces, faces with huge noses or fists, some with curly white hair, others with hats or real arms and hands.


[ Biz’s photo mash-up ]

This bit about clouds makes me think of our dear daughter Biz who would sit with us and (sometimes) see the same pictures. Once she cut out a picture from an ad in a magazine, and to make believe it showed her mom and dad lazily lying on a little hill pointing out pictures in the clouds, she put photos of Dale and me in place of the original people in the picture. We still chuckle over that! On the glass above the frame she wrote, “Doesn’t that cloud look just like a vacuum cleaner?” Of course, Dale answered, “Yes, Dearie, it does!” – CHRIS

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