Wild Flower Power

160727_CloverJuly 26 – Nice to have a somewhat cooler day today according to the temperature on the thermometer (actually all of them) as they are stationed out on the front porch. Are you wondering why in the world we have TWO thermometers? Well, since there is really not a reason you can’t have JUST two, we moved on and bought another! So those three keep tabs on each other, and the temperature is very seldom the same, even on two of them! With 90-degree temperatures every day last week, we didn’t plan too much work outside.

Poor Dale. He took care of the job of watering the garden, and he didn’t use the sprinkling can with water taken from the big 40-gallon barrels. Rather, he hooked up the hoses on the faucets up at the house, and let the plants bask in the very welcome “pretend rain.”

160727_KSSunflowerThis week I made a list of all of the flowers that I could remember having seen in many places on our acreage. Not sure I could come up with all of them, but I did my best. I know you will recognize some of them, but maybe others are new to you. When we find a flower that we have never seen before or have forgotten if we did, we check our flower books, and usually come up with the correct name. If you have a book of wild flowers, check our list and then see if you find the flower in your book. Lots of fun, and you learn something too. Of course, if you live in a different country, or even in other parts if the USA, you might not find the ones we have.

So here’s the list, with the flowers not really in any order the way our books tell us. I just wrote the names down as I thought of them, then added some I missed, but later found in a book.

Ox-eye daisy, fleabane, milkweed, chicory, thistle, honeysuckle, Deptford pink, wild rose (in many different colors), penstemon, potentilla, yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace, poison ivy, spiderwort, mountain slender mint, red clover, white clover, ironweed, sumac flower, bergamot, Solomon’s seal, and false Solomon’s seal, dandelion, flowering dogwood, pussy’s toes, elderberry, yarrow, black locust. lobelia, button bush, mustard, bellwort, black-eyed Susan, St. John’s-wort, butterfly-weed, jewel weed, day lily, yellow sweet clover, white sweet clover, yellow coneflower, mullein, goldenrod, partridge pea, sunflower, beggar ticks, pokeweed, ragweed, henbit, trumpet creeper, bull thistle, cardinal flower, lettuce, and blue vervain.

Now this post isn’t very long, but there are plenty of pictures for a change. Enjoy! – CHRIS

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