Food Bar at HyVee

July 21 – During Town Day, we went to a department store to pick up a few things we needed. In the register line, we were behind a lady who was really holding up the line, asking questions about her purchases, wondering if the clerk hadn’t made a mistake, using her phone to contact someone she questioned about one of the products she had bought.


[ Dale with a HyVee lunch ]

As Dale and I stood quietly behind her, wondering if she would EVER move on, I caught the eye of the clerk, a young lady with real patience. We both smiled, and waited as patiently as possible. Finally, she put her phone away, picked up her purchases, and it was our turn.

“You really have a lot of patience,” I remarked as I patted the clerk’s hand. “Well, maybe not really,” she said. “It’s only that I am so happy today I can smile at anything. I am back to a relationship with my father,” she explained, “something I have really missed for a long time! And then just today, my boyfriend told me he loved me and wanted us to be together forever. I am just SO HAPPY!” What a happy girl she was!

After we had picked up the bags with our purchases inside, I moved quickly around the counter to where she was. “Here’s a big hug for you and lots and lots of good wishes for happiness!” I said. “You have been a real blessing to me, and I know you will enjoy the rest of your days!” With tears in her eyes, and voice full of happiness, she gave me a second hug and quietly said, “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

After all of our shopping was completed, we dropped in at HyVee, where we sometimes stop to celebrate some kind of special day in our family. This time it was for Father’s Day and our 61st wedding anniversary, not on the exact date, but close enough. You may be wondering why we don’t go to some classy restaurant or special eating place, but we have found all sorts of food at the HyVee food bar that we enjoy.


[ Yes, we love fruit ]

Since we are vegetarians, we appreciate the fact that we can move along through the food displays and choose what we really like. Who cares if it’s a double portion of cottage cheese, one of our favorites, or cucumbers and tomatoes, potato salad, and baked beans, pasta salad, all kinds of fresh vegetable salads, many tasty dressings, garbanzos, zweibach, and then fruits and desserts. Fresh melons, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and biscuits, cupcakes, and other delights.

During our second time around, I noticed one of the folks replenishing the salads just directly across from me. “You do such a great job,” I said to her. “There’s always plenty to choose from, the dressings are always in the right place, and it’s a good experience to be able to enjoy food that somebody else has prepared.”


[ Dale with a HyVee lunch ]

That must have surprised her greatly, for as she lifted her head to look at me, she smiled and said, “Thank you! I think you are the first one who ever told me anything like that. It’s really nice to be appreciated! Thank you again!” As we sat back in our corner, away from most of the other folks, we had fun watching various diners. Some ate while reading a newspaper, others talked and talked to others in their groups, some made the trip to the food so many times we were wondering where they stored it all! As we left for home, we were stuffed, too, and I was wondering how we managed to eat all that we did! For one thing, food always seems to be a much greater treat when the usual home baker or food planner, gets a chance to have somebody else do the job.

We are so thankful that we have so many friends, friends who are kind and willing to help, friends who are thankful for help we might give them, friends who treat us as family and are happy to have us as part of their family. Remember A man who has friends, must show himself friendly. – CHRIS

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