Town Day Doings


[ Richard’s license plate ]

July 17 – How nice to find Richard visiting the post office last Thursday, trying to be helpful, and to make others happy. His successor has been appointed, but I don’t think Richard, busy as he will be during retirement, will ever forget all of the friends he has made over the years. We gave him a bit of a hard time when we found his truck parked in front of the building with part of the license plate reading OAF! Now wouldn’t you take that opportunity to poke a little fun at one who would give you such a good chance? OAF!


[ Bobbie from Thrift ]

Just down the street from the post office is the thrift shop with Bobbie, a former teacher, in charge. A conversation with her always leaves us soaking up knowledge, and enjoying her relating of some new experiences in her life since last we saw her.

Just this week she told of her trip to California with her son who was moving to that state. She had asked her son to lead the procession with his pick-up and a trailer, while she followed behind driving a twenty-foot U-Haul truck filled with household possessions. In the son’s truck were a couple bicycles. Those two traveled 900 miles on each of two days, so were pretty tired out by the time they had reached their destination. One evening layover gave them a chance for some much-needed sleep, but as soon as the sun came up, they were off. Bobbie especially enjoyed the Salt Flats in Utah, something she had never seen before.

Now did Bobbie rest up during the days she was in California? Well, if you know Bobbie, you would be sure to answer, “No!” She spent a good part of the day with her mother and the rest helping in a fund raiser for Rainbow Girls. As Bobbie told of the busyness of their booth, she told of rushing here and there, along with the other volunteers, as they quickly filled the food orders for those who wanted to donate. Has she caught up on her sleep yet, as she is now back home and continuing to work for others? Maybe, but I doubt it! It’s great to know folks who so cheerfully spend much of their time helping others, and always with a big smile on their faces.


[ Books for the kids ]

As I was checking several boxes of kids’ books (to give to kids I know and love), to see if anything new had arrived since the week before, one of the other customers laughed and said, “Hmm! I’ll bet you have a hard time reading such difficult books.” “Well, not too bad,” I answered, “because I’ve been reading for a pretty long time now. I’m going to be 89 next week!” First a gasp from that lady and several others who were checking out senior books.

The first lady said, “You’ll have to show me your birth certificate if you expect me to believe that! Where is it?” Just then, Dale came with items to donate to the store. When I asked him to verify my age, he did. The first lady asked, “How long have you two been married?” “Sixty-one,” I answered. “Well, we have fifty plus,” she answered, “and that’s pretty good these days! How did you meet your husband?”

Standing outside the door of that thrift store I told her the story of our happy life together, and it brought back such great memories of how we met each other and the wonderful years of our marriage. (and tomorrow I’ll tell YOU the story, so stay tuned…) – CHRIS

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