Lumberjacks R Us


[ Red and white clover ]

July 13 – After all of that cutting and carrying and tossing, I was not satisfied yet! I told Dale I wanted to read a bit and then go back with the push mower to cut the grass at the end of our property, the place we used to call the “jungle” area. He was not too keen on that, but since he knew I wanted it done, he agreed to start the mower and take a couple pics of the area.

While we were there, he noticed the big log I had told him about before, one of those that had just fallen over in the high grass so I couldn’t mow it. After pulling and pushing and dragging and lifting, he finally freed the tree, and pulled it off to the place by the creek where other trees have been stashed. It was easy to see that the tree was really heavy. With  little help from me, Dale threw it way back out of sight.

As he worked on cutting branches from a nearby tree, I tried to pull down a big willow. Since some of the branches were dead, I thought I might have the luck of breaking them off, even if they were big! Hooray! A really big branch snapped right off, and fortunately didn’t hit me on the way down. Just after that I found another full tree that had fallen on our old bridge that had been washed down the creek. We dragged that out to throw onto the others, and the place looked a lot tidier.


[ Blackberries from the garden ]

After Dale left to work on the garden and in the shed, I mowed up and down and back and forth till just a bit remained right next to the road. Just as I crossed the road to get into our pasture to finish a few more feet, I felt a quick pain on my ankle. Boy, that hurt, whatever it was! I reached over to pull down my sock to see if I could see anything unusual. I couldn’t, and had no idea what had brought on the pain. Pushing as fast I could, I finally met Dale at the barn where I put the mower in its place, then sat down on a chair, took off my sock, and could find nothing except a small dark spot that was really painful.

160713_QuoteAs Dale and I talked about that, he asked, “You didn’t see a wasp, did you?” No, I hadn’t. Then he asked if I remembered the time I ran over a wasp’s nest.. “Well, just last year you were mowing right by the creek and driving right over that pile of gravel near the fence.”  “How could that be?” I asked.

Dale continued, “You didn’t stay there very long after you were stung!  You rushed up to the barn, told me about the wasp, and back I went with insect spray and broke up the nest.”   Now that was a strange coincidence. Same place, same kind of insect, and same sting—very painful!  It’s now about three hours since I was stung, and I haven’t forgotten. Poor wasp, maybe one of the grandchildren of the one that stung me two years ago!

So you see that our days continue to be interesting as usual, and we look forward to our Town Day this week when we will get to see our good friends at the stores or in their homes.  Friendships are very special! – CHRIS

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