Tote That Branch, Lift That Yucca

July 12 – If the rest of the day had gone like the beginning, I probably wouldn’t have done much in the way of working outside, or even inside for that matter! You know sometimes these days, I start for another room to find something I just know is there. Unfortunately, some of you who are reading this know exactly what I mean, while others, who are still young “kids” might not understand this now, but one day. . .


[ Now where did I leave that ]

Twenty years ago, I chuckled a bit when “older” folks couldn’t find what they were looking for—“I just know I left my gloves in here,” as they opened the silverware drawer,” or “I always keep my gloves in my coat pocket to make sure I can find them in the winter,” but right now it’s only July! Strange how our memories used to be so good; we could remember anything and everything. Of course, when our minds are so full that knowledge is dripping out our ears, it’s no wonder we sometimes forget, well, “just sometimes!”

Now all of this has led me into telling of my disgust when I finally figured out what was going on in the bathroom sink recently.  About halfway full, that sink just could not send the water down the drain. So, I helped it by swirling the water around with my fingers. Well, I couldn’t see the sink cooperate at all.

After trying to help for about five minutes (now it couldn’t be ten, could it?), it finally dawned on me that there was only one reason why that water didn’t disappear. Only one guess, so you won’t really need me to tell you that I finally came to the conclusion that it is just too hard for water to disappear from the sink unless you pull the plug! I couldn’t help but wonder that with a beginning like that, how in the world would I have a good day?! At least I was, until now, the only one who knew about the stopper!


[ Chris the Lumberjill ]

I’m glad to tell you that we did get our usual amount of work done today, though, and I never did think of the sink until I sat down to write. Hooray for us! We finally finished the job of cutting off the low branches along with those that were dried and dead, along the mile long trails I mow just about every week. At first I wheeled along the garden cart and picked up the branches Dale cut down. About half way through, I decided to leave the cart in the garage and just make branch piles that I would later toss way off into the “jungle” right next to the trails.

Years ago, before we bought another five acres to add to the 13 we had originally, I kept the entire woods spick and span, without a bit of dead wood or rose bushes or anything else that shouldn’t be there, but life is too busy now, so if the trails are neat and mowed, that’s enough for us. Lots of big blackberries along the trail today, with so much poison ivy and green brier that we were glad we could keep them from spreading to the mowed area.


[ Clipping the yucca ]

On our way back to the house, I stopped to see our big yucca patch, with beautiful white blooms. However, because of the heat and dry spell we have had for a week or more, those flowers have not lasted as long as they usually do. When I told Dale that I was going to cut off the stalks, Dale said he would help! Now, that was nice, because I know he doesn’t like the hot days, but together we cut off the 25 stalks which, except for one or two, had no more blossoms. Some were so big around that it was hard for Dale to cut them off.

yucca cutting, limbs and mowing

[ Black-eyed Susans & Coneflowers ]

So now we have done the job! Dale has cut off a good many osage orange trees with their thorny branches just waiting to give you a quick stick job or two before you can separate them from your hands or clothes. Lots of maple, oak, sumac, and other trees no longer hang over the trail.

Lots of wild lettuce had to be cut, along with the beginning of a young tree or two, and more rose bushes. Back to the burning pile all of that stuff went, just waiting for the match to be tossed. With no more tall yuccas, the black-eyed Susans and lovely pink coneflowers can be seen in all their glory now. – CHRIS

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