A Pastoral Visit

July 10 – While we were outside late last week, our new pastor, Daniel Suarez, phoned to ask if it would be OK if he stopped in this late afternoon for a visit. Well, sure it would! He has been in the area for just a short time, having moved here from California with his wife and five children. A neat family, with each young person polite and friendly, and tied together as a family with love. Just a friendly chat with the pastor, and a blessing to each of us. The pastor was interested in our accounts of being missionaries in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe now.)

Born in Cuba, his family came to the States when he was still a child. Unfortunately due to unfavorable conditions, he has never been back for a visit. His father was a political prisoner and spent some time in jail there. Daniel would like to see the school he attended as a child and go over the surroundings of his home of so many years ago. How different the landscape of today, all because someone rose to power and held the fate of his country and his people in his hands. Several times as Pastor Daniel looked out our big front window at the peaceful scenery with green grass, cows grazing, birds flying by, the neighbor’s pond, and their house on a hill, he breathed out softly, “Oh, the country. The beautiful country!”

Since we have lived in this home for almost eighteen years, we may have become used to the daily blessings we enjoy, and not appreciate them as we should. But, I really do doubt that! When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank the Lord that I am alive and well, then check the temperature on both thermometers on the front porch, and open the drapes on the big window. I go along with Pippa: “God’s in His heaven. All’s right with the world!” Thank you, Robert Browning, for your thoughts and appreciation of each day! – CHRIS

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