Fireworks and Garden Works


[ MC Tom Bergeron ]

July 7 – So the Fourth is behind us now, with more happy days ahead. Quite interesting as I watched the news this morning and found out that folks who had watched the fireworks in Washington D.C. were treated (?) to a display borrowed from that of last year with scaffolding on the Capitol and the same overhead beauties they had seen last year! Poor Tom Bergeron, MC for the event, just kept smiling and giving special introductions to those who participated, all the time wondering what the viewers were thinking and what they would say!

The weather did not cooperate this year, as it did last year, and PBS said that they had done what they did for the sake of those who had come to the Capitol for the fireworks. Wonder what Boeing, the sponsor, thought of the whole idea!


[ The beautiful Jackie Evancho ]

It was special to see and hear the young Jackie Evancho, who really “stole the show,” as we say when someone has done a really great job of singing, or playing, or performing in other ways. The best part of listening to her was that her performance was from the heart, and she was not trying to show off her obvious talents.

Not much new in the weather department for the next week or more. First thing this morning we turned on the AC, and it will continue to run for many days now. After an early breakfast, we went out to the garden before the humidity and heat came on full force. Dale finished off the cabbage, pulling up seven heads, including one huge one.

I hoed the weeds out around the peppers, sweet potatoes, and onions, along with trying to make sense of the cleomes and ground cherries that were all scrunched in together. It’s difficult trying to come up with a good plot of ground on which they could continue to grow. Now the cucumbers don’t have to beg for ground or to steal position! Those plants are so big now and so twined along the fence that they just keep growing, and one of these days soon, we will be feasting on one of my favorite vegetables. For a change, too, I can eat all I want of those beautiful green cucumbers, and not have to remember that I don’t need to gain any weight!


[ Always more to mow ]

Also mowed the green covering bordering the garden, so everything looks clean and tidy. Checked on the asparagus too, as the spears continue to come out to show that just because we don’t treat that area as a bed of asparagus any longer, they can still grow. We have donated the plants to several folks, all glad that they can have them, but never coming over to do the work and take them back to their own garden. We have found quite a number of “wild” asparagus that probably originated in the bed I mentioned.

How good it was to finish our jobs so we could leave the heat behind and move on into the house to work in various capacities! – CHRIS

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