Price Chopper People Phase Two


[ Teri at the checkout ]

June 18 – Once we got back to the Price Chopper check out lane, our feisty friend, Teri came up with her usual broad grin and a touch of mischief in her eyes. She has been having really bad pain in her back for a long time, and when she saw my camera, she put her hands over her face and announced, “You’re NOT taking my picture! I don’t like to have anybody do that.” She was not kidding, either!

However, as I explained that I wanted to write up a blog about our friends there at the store, and pointed out that folks in Europe, Australia, South America, and many states in our country have read our previous blogs, she gave in. “My picture will go all over, and I’ll be famous?” she asked, with a wide grin. “Better take my picture, then!

As our groceries were packed and we were ready to leave the store, she walked out from behind the counter to give each of us those strong hugs that only she can give! Will, the usual bagger, wasn’t in the store, so we missed his hug. Last week he told us an interesting story. When I had asked him if some of the other customers thought that our greetings with big hugs were pretty crazy, he said, “No, not at all. When they ask me if you two are my grandparents, I say, “Well, no, not exactly, but they are my “honorary grandparents,” and they accept that.” Any parent would be proud to have a son like Will, not only a handsome guy, but so polite and helpful with a beautiful smile.

160617_PCWorkerHowever, that doesn’t change at all my appreciation for one of the younger baggers. He always smiles and nods when we come into the store, and works hard to make sure he is doing his job well. If all workers in all stores were like him, life would be happier.

Most grocery stores have the same kinds of foods stocked on their shelves as do the others around them. Their prices may be the same, and their aisles clean and clutter-free, and some of them might have a few workers who are not the kindest and most helpful. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has a hard day at times, but these friends of ours at Price Chopper are really appreciated for their love and concern for their customers. Dale and I are thankful that we know all of them! – CHRIS

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