Price Chopper People


[ Meds for dale]

June 17 – We didn’t plan on going to the Price Chopper store in Pleasant Hill this week, but as Dale and I were talking one day about what we had to do, he suggested that we go to the pharmacy at the store so he could pick up his prescription for gabapentin. I have always thought that was a very strange name, but as long as it does the job, who cares? Better to go out while it was still a little cooler than the ninety degree temps we have been “enjoying” lately. When we checked the weather report and found that we would have from 90 through 95 all week long, and who knows about the days after that, we figured it wouldn’t matter much either way.

How well I remember when we still lived back in Pennsylvania and would drive out to visit with our kids who had moved here. I just about melted then and had to get back into the air-conditioned house to stay alive! However, through the years we have lived here, I have developed into one who can hoe or rake or weed when the thermometer tells me I shouldn’t be out in the heat. I know that’s true, too, but I am not at all content to just sit in the house till it’s cooler. In fact, we just turned our air conditioning on this week; we usually just use the big overhead fans.

160617_DaleJuiceWhile Dale went back to the pharmacy, I did a little shopping, buying four big bottles of red grapefruit and cranberry juice which Dale enjoys so much. Since I hadn’t planned on buying much because we had shopped last Thursday already, I decided to take some additional photos of some of our friends to use for our blog.

As we had entered the store, we saw some of our friends who work there. In fact, that’s just about the only time we ever see any of them and know them only by their first names! I had told Dale as we drove along that those folks would have a look of shock on their faces as we walked into the store. If we ever shop there on any day but our regular “Town Day,” they wonder what has happened. In fact, this morning one of the first greetings we had from one of the clerks was, “Is TODAY THURSDAY?” Her friend added, “You NEVER come any other day, and we always look for you! OK, where’s my hug?

160617_PCCheryl and JenniferFirst on the list for pics was Cheryl who works in the pricing section. “Where’s Jennifer?” I asked, since I wanted a picture of those two who work together on keeping track of various changes in prices. Cheryl offered to call her back to their shared area, and after hearing again, “It’s not Thursday today, is it?” I told them I wanted a picture of them for the blog. If we ever saw either one of them without their characteristic grins, it would be a real disappointment.

On the way back to the check-out counter, I noticed a younger woman squatting down with her knees bent, as she made a list of items that needed replacing on the shelves. Touching her lightly on the shoulder, I said, “Well, it sure does my heart good to see someone who can get up and down on her own; these days even the younger ones don’t try!” You can just imagine the questions in her mind, wondering why I would tell her that.

As she kept her posture, probably wishing that I would go and leave her alone, I said, “I have just a little story to tell you about being able to get down and then up again easily. A couple years ago when I was doing some volunteer teaching, one of the teachers asked me to take part of the kids in her room to discuss the lesson for the day. “I’ll take the other kids,” she said. “You can sit on the floor with your group.”

OK, that would be fine with me. But talk about some shocked kids! When I sat down, one of the boys, with a big question in his eyes, asked, “Can you get UP AGAIN?” “Sure, why not?” I answered. “Well, you’re…..well, you’re pretty old, and I didn’t think you really could do it without help!” End of story for the lady working on the counters.

One last note about that experience. “I’ll be 89 this month,” I told her, and I plan to be going strong for awhile yet, at least!” “Good for you,” she said as she smiled. “Good for you, and thanks for your example!” (more about Price Chopper people tomorrow…) – CHRIS

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