The Postman Only Retires Once

June 12 – Talk about a really beautiful and satisfying day! So many good experiences take place on “Town Day” because that’s when we see more friends and have time to listen to their sad or happy times since we last saw them. You probably remember that one of our first stops is at the post office where there are such really neat folks who are always so obliging in answering any problems I might have about my stamp collection.

Pleasant Hill Post Office

Pleasant Hill Post Office

But we can buy stamps at any post office including the one that is a couple miles closer to us than is the one at Pleasant Hill. Can’t remember just how long it’s been since we decided that we might as well buy needed stamps on the day we were in town anyway. So now we have enjoyed several years of popping in and out of the post office, not just to buy stamps, but to check on our friends there. I have written about the post master before, so you may remember Richard. Crystal and Kim, along with Shannon, who delivers our mail to our box in front of our home. They have all become part of our extended family, and it is one more place in town where we exchange smiles and hugs. (In fact, just yesterday Shannon drove into our driveway to deliver a package and to enjoy conversation on various subjects, rather than trying to stuff the material into the mail box.)

Unfortunately, about two months ago, Richard decided it was time for him to retire! That just about broke our hearts, since Dale and I had learned to, “think the world of him,” as my mother used to say about people she really admired and appreciated. Never did we see him without a big (although shy) smile or grin.


Our friend Richard

Since we always arrived at the office just before nine in the morning, he would leave his office or come up to the counter to be sure to greet us warmly, and inquire as to our health and what had happened in our lives since we had seen him the week before. He always answered any questions I might have with regard to the new stamps coming out or to those already in the office. “Now which plate block would you like from this sheet?” he would ask, or “You’ll have to get the whole page this time because all of the stamps are different.” Several times, when a special stamp would go on sale, he would hold back a sheet for me, knowing that I probably hadn’t been into the office before it had come out.

Yes, his retirement was a blow to both Dale and me, not just because of his caring enough for us to always greet us warmly, or to check out our needs, but because he is one of the best friends we have met since we moved out here from Pennsylvania almost 18 years ago.

In the weeks that have gone by, we have hoped to see him again on one of the Thursdays when we go to town, but just once since April has that happened. Crystal and Kim keep in touch and let us know how things are going with Richard and his family, but we wanted to SEE HIM! And last Thursday, we did! (more tomorrow…) – CHRIS

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