In Which We Find the Postman

Pleasant Hill, MO,  Tom Lea,  "Back Home: April, 1865", 1939, o/c

Mural in the Post Office

June 13 – (continued from yesterday) As we opened the door to the office, there was no doubt that Richard was at the counter, only this time with his back to us! Just as I was going to give him a friendly punch, he turned around, and I was really sure that he had missed us, too! Those long arms encircled me, then Dale, and it was just like the old days.

One of the new employees looked on in wonderment, trying to figure out what was going on! Bet he had never witnessed that sort of thing before! When we tried to explain to him what a wonderful friend Richard had always been, I could see the question in his eyes. Does he treat all the customers like that? Who started all of this?

When I asked for the new stamps, he brought out his book, with the pages full of them. “Do you want the whole page?” he asked about the new ones honoring Indiana. “No,” Richard answered for me. “Just a plate block. How about that one?” he asked me, as he turned it over. “See, it has the plate position on the back.” And she will take the entire page honoring the National Parks,” he added. “It’s really beautiful, and since you always enjoy the history behind stamps, you will really appreciate that one.” Turning to the clerk, he said, “She is a real collector.”

I couldn’t remember much about the recent cruise he and his wife had taken to the islands, so I asked him if he would fill me in. Here is what he wrote via e-mail:


The caught barracuda

“It was fantastic to see you both Thursday. It was all my pleasure. You both look like you are doing very well. Keep it that way! Thank you for thinking about my family and myself for your blog. You are always too sweet.

We went deep sea fishing off the coast of Dominican Republic. We spent four hours on the ocean and only one barracuda was caught. The waves were obnoxious that day; some folks got ill. We were actually fishing for mahi-mahi. Our next stop was St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We spent the day at a beautiful beach; it was very calming. That is a very beautiful island.

The next day we toured “Old San Juan”, Puerto Rico. We learned about the history of the city. It is 500 years old! The architecture was unique and pleasing to the eye. This is where we did some shopping also. Our last stop was my favorite. This was at Grand Turk island. Once again, our day was spent on the beach. I guess we are pretty lazy! It was an inclusive beach; we were treated like kings and queens. All in all it was a lovely time.”

What a joy it is to develop great friendships with those we come in contact with during our lives. Richard is such a great example to us, and we hope to continue to keep in touch through the years ahead! – CHRIS

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