California Visitors – Part 4


[ Brother Rich ]

June 5 – OK, last post on this subject – it has been a long series! The last afternoon they were here, Richard put the roof guards in back in their proper places, since some had blown off during the strong wind gusts the night before.

As we walked our mile trail afterwards, these two “kids” often remarked as they stopped to look out over our 18 acres of mostly green, “It’s just beautiful around here. So peaceful and quiet.” After walking a little farther, we would heard those same words, with just as much appreciation for the chance to be away from the usual busyness of the day. The pond was a special place to them as well, with its water full of ripples, the fallen trees at one end, and the overhanging oak tree branches on one side, with contorted willow on the other.

Later on in the evening, they drove back to their hotel with plans to drive on to Omaha, NE to visit friends. While they were gone, we enjoyed looking through the appreciation book given to my brother Rich after he retired from teaching. So much joy from the pens and pencils of those students! How heartily I agreed with the writers, because I have always known what a good brother he has been.


[ Box from Teri ]

How fortunate their spouses are. Richard’s wife Teri is such a helpful young lady and takes care of those who need that extra special little touch. She knows just what to say or do to make life easier for those around her. In the box she sent along to us we found all sorts of treasures, including a Mt. Shasta candy bar, a flour sack with a carrot cake mix, real honey, and pistachios.

Several days later Rich and Linda were back for one last afternoon of enjoyment as we got together a few hours before they left (early this time, since they had to get up so early the next morning to leave for the airport). What a delightful visit we had enjoyed for several days that week, and it is easy to think back on the words and actions of these two special people. When their words of thanks and appreciation were sent to us via e-mail, we knew they had really gone overboard to let us know how much they enjoyed their few days here.


[ CD courtesy of Linda ]

Linda’s husband Jeep (who she met in Thailand), was visiting his home country while she was here in Missouri. Poor Jeep was suffering from jet lag and says Linda, “Poor guy; it takes him forever to get used to the time change and the weather.”

While Linda was here, she and Dale were talking about checking with the phone to listen to some calls made by Biz and Rich before they died. When she found that the device was pretty well filled up, she offered to make us another recording to be played on our CD player. We received this from her just a short time after she had gone back home. How very much we appreciated her kindness and know-how in that respect. Neither of us is very knowledgeable with regard to the modern electronics that all little kids even know about!


[ Richard, Chris, Dale, Linda ]

Yes, we will long remember the good days we had together, learning to really know and to appreciate each other. So many memories and words of thanksgiving, with the opportunity of really getting acquainted! THE END. – CHRIS

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