California Visitors – Part 1


[ Linda, Chris, Richard ]

June 1 – We were pleasantly surprised earlier this year when we received a note from our nephew Richard, who lives in Redding, CA. If we were not too busy and had a few days off, he would be happy to come for a visit with his sister Linda from Sacramento.

So we wouldn’t be overly concerned about preparations, he wrote that they wanted to take us out to dinner, they would be staying at Unity Village, and would be off to Omaha to see some friends for several days out of the ten or so. That would leave us with very little preparation of any kind, and that’s the way he wanted it to !

What a great hugging session when those two young folks drove into the driveway! We exchanged bits and pieces of news, bringing us up to date (well, partially anyway). Since they were eager to catch up with our son David, and Biz’ husband Harvey, we planned to have supper together around our dining room table. Richard had met both of them at our family reunion three years ago when family kids from all around the country arrived in the Kansas City area to meet and greet folks they had never seen before!


[ Biz’s gravestone ]

Before David arrived for supper, Harvey drove Richard and Linda all around the neighborhood where they were interested in the farms, the livestock, water tanks, barns, storage bins, and the sweet smell of the country.

One of the stops, probably the most important to all of them, was the Strasburg Cemetery where our dear Biz was buried almost five years ago! Yes, time does ease hurting, but we will never get over the loss of such a kind and loving daughter, one who never tired of trying to do for others as much as she could. When she died, she left behind her dear and loving husband Harvey, and sons Robbie and Kevin.

19800901_BizThailandNow her cousins, could see the grave which will hold her until Jesus comes to take His faithful children home to heaven. Biz was special to Linda as they really learned to know each other at Southern University in Tennessee. Since my brother Rich taught at Spaulding Elementary on the campus, it was easy for the two to get together. One year before they graduated from the college, they decided spend a year in Thailand where they would teach English to some of the Thais, many of them older than the girls. Both were not only teaching, but befriending the students. Short little trips through Thailand were enjoyed, leaving them many memories in the years to come.

So here they were standing at her grave, reminiscing about many things, as they thought of the days of the past. I am sure that Harvey was remembering the trip to Hawaii, a gift from Linda to the two of them. (more tomorrow…) – CHRIS

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One Response to California Visitors – Part 1

  1. Jim Krause says:

    Neat story and picture. Jim and I are in Erie for a visit. Eileen

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