Slide Projector

May 29 – On days when it has rained for awhile, we are always glad for days that we could be outside and get a lot of work accomplished. That has happened too much lately!

160529_SlidesI am spending some time getting acquainted with a slide projector that we bought at the thrift store in Pleasant Hill last week. The lady in charge said we could just take the projector home to see if it would work, and if it did, then we could pay for it. Well, it did work, except that the round slide trays were for a vertical mount in the projector, and the projector was for a horizontal mount with larger trays. I found this out after trying and trying to make the tray fit, unsuccessfully. Then I read the instructions on the tray box! They showed the tray mounted vertically. So the affair is back in our truck and will return to the thrift store this week and will doubtlessly be trashed. How disappointing, as the projector is a good one and our old one no longer works. I wonder how the wrong trays came to be in the box with the projector?

Once the grass has dried off a bit this week, we are planning to go out and burn some more brush piles. Am hoping there aren’t a lot of ticks and chiggers waiting for us. The last time, I sprayed repellent on my ankles and pants legs, and didn’t get any bites.

red head in tree

[ Red-headed woodpecker ]

Have been watching a beautiful red-headed woodpecker at the bird feeder. Those things are certainly lovely to look at, but I fear their personalities are rather bossy. This one seems to be eating the sunflower seeds that other woodpeckers have hidden in holes in the feeder legs.

Our rain gauge had 1-1/10″ of water one day last wek – the garden really needs some weeding but the ground is too wet for hoeing, so the weeds will just keep growing. Last year we had this problem as it was a very wet May, and our tomato plants were way too tall when we finally did set them out. This too shall pass! – DALE

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One Response to Slide Projector

  1. Jim Krause says:

    Hello friends, Jim, Michelle and I are here in Wattsburg. This morning Jim and I walked down the WINTER Green gouge trail. Many fun memories with the Fairchilds walking there!! We will be here for a week. Michelle is returning to Georgia on Tuesday. Wish you could be here too. Happy memorial day. Eileen >


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