Too Much Rain These Days

May 21 – This will be another blog about bits and pieces and little things that I have jotted down but never had time to write about before. You may wonder why we are always so busy, but that’s just the way it is! We aren’t sitting around with nothing to do; we hardly ever watch TV except for the news and some quiz shows we enjoy; we listen to Bible tapes (yes, the OLD cassette tape type), or study Bible lessons for the day; we write letters and send email and manage to find time to work outside when the weather calls us to do that. Yes, ours really is a busy existence, but I think it’s because we are always trying to learn something new or to appreciate what we have. So this time I am just writing about a few things I haven’t written about earlier.


[ Lollipop lillies ]

We had lots of rains this week, and they haven’t stopped yet! According to the weatherman, there is not much relief for those of us who do not enjoy being cooped up in the house on a day in May! Even one of the KC Royals’ game was postponed because of rain. Maybe on Sunday we’ll see more sunshine! Because of the continued rainfall and rather windy conditions, I was really disappointed when I got up this one day this week to find that the beautiful pink peonies were lying with their heads on the lawn, soaked as we might say, “to the skin.” At least fifty blossoms and probably more. On the other hand, the lollipop lilies given to us by Roy, our nephew in Massachusetts years ago, are getting ready to show their flowers of pink and white.

The lovely white blossoms of the mock orange are trying to hold up, but not succeeding. In the first bush there’s a mocking bird’s nest. Last week when I peeped in to the middle of the bush I saw four cute little eggs. The faithful mother sits on them most of the day, while Daddy Bird sits on the telephone wires, making believe that he might be a cardinal or blue jay or some other bird. What a repertoire he has!


[ Iris ]

This wet and windy weather hasn’t been good to most of the blooming flowers. The huge bed of irises down by the creek doesn’t show much color any more. All during the season we have had irises of light violet, very dark and beautiful purple, reddish brown, white, yellow, and pinkish. At first I picked the stems that no longer boasted of their beautiful blooms, but when so many of the flowers stopped blooming, I decided to wait till the season is over, and I will use the mower to cut the plants down to the ground. I learned of that idea several years ago when we volunteered at Powell Gardens, one of the real attractions in this area.

Our friendly, healthy, and food-grabbing squirrels, six of them now, seem to always be the first on the scene whens Dale puts out the various kinds of bird food he buys by the big sack in the feed store. Time was, I would stand by the open garage door and try to chase them away. After all, one of those critters can easily eat more than several birds. At first when I clapped my hands together and shouted, then walked from the garage towards the bird feeder, not one squirrel would remain in the area. Some would just climb up the tree and wait until I went back inside. How different it is now!


[ I’m not scared of you no more! ]

From one squirrel that we thought was cute, we now have five or six regulars. They sit in the bird box, drink from the birds’ bowl of water, take their pick of the foodstuffs, chase away the birds from the spot where they are eating, and generally are not near as much appreciated as they used to be. That’s sad, too, because they are just as cute as they were when we first moved here, when we used to be very quiet while we sat on the back steps just enjoying their antics and hoping they would come nearer to us. And it’s not the squirrels that have changed!

I remember a year or so ago, one particular squirrel would not leave the area no matter how I scolded. I walked into the garage, picked up a sling shot, loaded it with a chestnut or something like that, and took aim! Fortunately (for the squirrel), I missed! I couldn’t even do that now; I was ashamed of myself back then for even trying. After all, those bushy creatures with their big reddish tails can’t change the fact that they were born squirrels, not elephants, or something like that! – CHRIS

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