Mother’s Day – Part II


[ Searching for words ]

May 17 – (continued from Monday) When the meal was over, we all went back to the parking lot so we could give Darlene her Mother’s Day card. (Both she and David had mailed one to me, but ours was too large to fit into any envelope we could find. How big was it? Two poster papers side by side, each about 17 x 27! And, no, we didn’t write to fill all of that space.

We had spent a number of hours cutting out bits and pieces and words from various magazines (Woman’s Day gave us the most usable ones) so we could use them to write sentences on the poster. When the entire kitchen table was covered with words, I decided to separate them into several groups: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs

Card for Darla

[ The finished product ]

At first we tried to make up our own set of sentences and hunt for the words, but that didn’t work very well because those words weren’t the ones a magazine would normally have an abundance of. Then we checked the words, hunting for nouns and verbs first, so we could get a good start. About four hours later, we had the finished product, and were happy that we had spent our Saturday night giving well-earned accolades to our dear daughter-in-law, one who has never been an in-law, but a much loved and appreciated daughter. When all was done, we dumped a couple hundred unused words into the waste basket, played a game of Rummikub to relax, and then went off to bed!

After the Mother’s Day feast, Chris and Darlene left for the school where she works so hard and with great results in the life of the students. Rindy went on home to her apartment, and we followed shortly thereafter so we could check it out her new home. As we drove up to the rows of apartments, Rindy, brimming with excitement, met us at the door, sent us up the stairs, and there we were in the living room furnished just as I knew it would be. Her kitchen had everything needed, and everything in its own place, handy when she wants to make a meal or just a snack.


[ A heron on the lake ]

When she suggested our taking a walk around the lake with the beautiful fountain at one end, we didn’t think twice! Off we were on the just-about-one-mile trail, enjoying the sights and sounds of an early evening. People greeted us all along the way as they sat on benches overlooking the water. A line of tiny little ducklings followed the leader as the father swam past us, close enough that we could almost touch the little ones. All along the way we saw little kids, some with their dads running or playing catch. One cute little girl was so happy when she caught the pitch from her dad, that I clapped my hands together loudly over and over to show her she had done well. Unfortunately, when he threw the ball again, she was so busy checking me out that she completely missed the ball! I just had to stay by till she caught another one before I joined back with the others.


[ Pathfinder Star honor ]

Now it was David’s turn to drive to his folk’s home. Not a short distance, either, but fifty miles there and another fifty back home! Lots of conversation about various subjects, but I especially enjoyed the one that dealt with his interest in and knowledge of the stars and planets, along with the constellations. As he mentioned Mars and Antares, the Summer Triangle, Spica, and others that he pointed out, I remembered when years ago I taught the Star Class in our church Pathfinder group, where David was a learner, rather than a teacher.

While checking out the sky at our house using binoculars, he plopped down on our driveway, lying flat on his back. I knew immediately where THAT idea had came from. Fifty years ago when we camped for weekends in Heart’s Content near Warren, PA. all four of us would do the same thing as we watched for “shooting stars” and pointed out the wonderful handiwork of God, shown all over the sky.

After solving a few of our computer problems, David was off on the long trip home. One hundred miles total for us, and two hundred combined for David and Chris, along with a scrumptious dinner and lovely cards. Once more a Mother’s Day to enjoy and appreciate! – CHRIS

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