It’s May, It’s May


[ Our driveway lake ]

May 3 – I am tired tonight as I sit here at the computer trying to get my thoughts together for a blog, since I haven’t written one of those for many days! Ideas keep popping into my mind because this has been a really busy time, but it’s hard to decide which incident I should describe. Dale is sitting in the living room watching a program about the Burmese pythons in the Everglades. Since they were imported from Burma a number of years go, they have multiplied so much that they are now a threat. Some of the park rangers think that they can take care of the problem, but others are sure they can’t. Since I didn’t check out the entire hour-long program, I’ll leave it up to Dale to give the whole story later.

Hard to believe now that April is over, and that we were ever hoping for some rain to clear up the dust in the garden and on the roads, and to give the new plants the moisture they need. When the rains finally did arrive, they made themselves right at home! For the last five days of the month, we had lots of rain that brought us just about five inches out of the total rainfall of seven inches for the month. Part of the driveway that we thought of as a small lake several months ago was full of rain again, and hasn’t dried out yet. More of that wet stuff will be here tonight and on into tomorrow morning. It’s pretty sad when the rain keeps me from going out to work.


[ Plenty of grass to mow! ]

The lawn is very green and pretty, but it needs to be mowed! I had planned to spend a couple hours today using both the hand and the riding mower, but they are still sitting idly by out in the barn, waiting till I can be sure the mower won’t get stuck over by the pond. How well I remember the time last year when I tried to run the mower across a drainage ditch from the pond. One really slick bit of that ditch stopped me dead. Even though I tried to rock the mower back and forth while trying to build up speed, I found that I couldn’t go forward or backward with that big machine. I walked back to the barn to tell Dale about the problem. After a long time, thanks to him and his carrying wooden planks and rugs and mats back to the problem area, and pushing them under the tired, bit by bit, he managed to get the mower moving, and fell back in the muck as it left him behind!


Right now we miss the beautiful daffodils, tulips, and violets that have disappeared for the year. But hooray for the bright golden smiling faces of dandelions! Always cheery and bright, those common flowers are enjoyed so much, at least until the whole yard is full of stalks with the blossom gone to seed to make more in their place before summer is over.

We had planned long ago to burn the piles of wild rose bushes, sumac, dead trees, and other growth that we cut out of the pasture under the trees. I think there are eleven piles, some large, and others just about huge that don’t add to the beauty of the area. As we checked them out just yesterday, we found that the beautiful green grass about a foot high or more has almost taken over the area we cleaned. Looks beautiful, very pleasing and easy on the eyes, but I don’t think we can mow it off. Too hard on the mower which is not used to working in areas like that. Those seven inches of rain should make the grass grow tall. Who knows? Maybe our neighbors will venture into that area that abuts the big fields which they mow for making the huge bales of hay for their cattle.


[ A hummer in the hand… ]

No wonder we are happy every day that we have the privilege of living in the country! There is beauty all around from the golden dandelion to the bright blue sky. A quick note to add – we hadn’t yet seen a humming bird around, but yesterday I made up a jar of nectar because I remembered the birds usually arrive in early May. Good news! Dale just popped in to say, “Well, the hummers are here!” I couldn’t resist answering, “Well, just yesterday I told you they would be!” So he is back at the barn getting the feeder, and soon it will be swaying back and forth in the breeze as the hummers try to be the only one at the feeder, time after time. Three eating places open on the feeder, but every bird wants the whole show to itself! – CHRIS

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