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Snakes and Ticks. Oh, and Chiggers…

April 8 – First of all for those of you who may not finish this post of “eww, gross, and yucky things!” here’s at least a PLEASANT note. This entry is our 500th since we started this blog in 2014. Thanks for … Continue reading

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More Bird Stories

April 6 – These days the big cement slab on which Dale scatters sunflower seeds and millet for the birds is just about covered with hungry birds. When he goes out twice each day to put out a good meal … Continue reading

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April 5 – When Dale was looking through one of our flower books, he found that the very small bluish flower all over the garden spots, back by the pond, in the hay fields, just about everywhere was speedwell. Immediately … Continue reading

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Possums, Pitchers, and ‘puters

April 3 – Here are a couple of short items that aren’t suitable for an entire blog, but I’ll bind them together for today’s post. Well, not quite yet. Just happened to notice cat lying here on the floor beside … Continue reading

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