Rain From the Sky

April 21 – How thankful we are for the rains we had during the night and early morning! Not that we had a lot, or anywhere near the torrential rains in Texas! The news this morning brought us a very strange sight, when a man had to try his hardest to escape from his car that was sinking deeper and deeper into the water. As he was swimming and paddling as fast he could to escape to shore, a reporter who was doing the story for the network, waded out to rescue him.


[ More rain on the way? ]

With SIXTEEN inches of rain coming from the sky, I’m sure most of the people in that area were more than frightened and scared. The schools and many roads are closed, with no immediate sign of opening again. I think the kids would be glad for the days off and would be delighted to get out and swim around, but I hope nobody says, “Sure, go ahead, but be careful!”

These rains are to continue with up to 3-4 inches per hour coming down. Houston is the hardest hit, but the other big cities in the area of Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio are in the same boat. (No pun intended, by the way!) People in the area have been warned not to drive into the water, but, as always, some haven’t listened and have lost their cars, while a good number of drivers have been rescued. This same area had baseball-size hail a few days ago.


[ The hensbit never quits ]

Now what about us? Our rains don’t even compare, just “the proverbial drop in the bucket,” but we are more than thankful and appreciative, and if the flowers and grass and trees could talk, I know they would agree. It has been so dry that clouds of dust have floated all around the mower, both the hand mower and the big rider as well.

In fact, when I got up yesterday morning, I had planned to mow the garden area where hensbits and bedstraw have been in a contest with the grass, trying to fill the area with their own brand of weeds. Dale suggested, well, a little stronger than suggesting, that I forget my plans for that job until the rains came. He said it took him a long time to change the filter and get the thick dust off the mower.


[ The source of the ashes ]

Every time a car or truck would go past our house, we would see great clouds of dust blowing our way, and finally landing on our clothes. That dust sure did have a deep desire to meet up with us, even though the road is a couple hundred feet from the garden area where we were. No wonder my clothes looked as if they had never been washed!

A few days before, while Dale was planting in the garden, I decided, of all things, to sieve the ashes in the burning barrel. What a bad choice THAT was! After I had set up the screen over the wheelbarrow, I took the big spade/shovel, and reaching down as far into the barrel as I could, I pulled it back, loaded with ashes and bits of metal, etc. Well, that was my first mistake. Since I was standing on the right side of the barrel with the screen on the left, that strong wind blew the ashes off, not onto the screen, but onto me! If you have never made a big mistake like that, you’re lucky.

After I had put enough ashes on the screen to fill it, I shook the screen. Good ashes in the wheelbarrow with pieces of metal, wood, coils, etc. on top. When I tossed the unwanted material into a big can, I started the process all over again. But, this time I was on the same side of the barrel as was the screen, so if the wind did blow the ashes around, I was safe from another shower. In order to finish the job, I had to tip the barrel down onto the ground because I wasn’t tall enough to reach the bottom while it was standing up.


[ Some of Dale’s onion plants ]

Finally, the job was done, and I was pleased that I could do that while Dale was busy planting. Not much of a brain needed to sieve out the ashes, but the planting was another story. All my life, from being a little kid right on up, I have helped in the planting.

But since everyone has his own way of doing things, I help Dale only when he and I are on the same page. After I had dumped the ashes on the pile at the edge of the garden, I wheeled the “junk” back to the edge of our property and dumped it onto the pile that has been there for so long.

When I got back to the garden, I noted that Dale had already used some of the ashes along the rows before planting the seeds.

So, here we are working in the house, catching up with some tasks, while the grass grows taller in the lawn, and the garden seeds are ready to show that they are alive and well. Looking out the window, I don’t see the dusty plants, some of which had just about given up. Instead, with the change that has come just overnight, “let all things now living a song of thanksgiving to God the Creator abundantly raise.” – CHRIS

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