Visit From Dave (Chris version)

April 19 – As Dale mentioned yesterday, David came out to help on various projects, along with trying to explain to his “not computer savvy” mother how to accomplish various tasks on our new computer that he set up for us sometime ago.


[ Arc to Arcturus ]

He and Dale were discussing his viewing of some of the planets and beautiful stars, and I immediately thought of how we did our viewing at camp. Before I could say, “Remember how we. . .” David asked, “Mom, do you remember how we did our viewing back at camp when we were kids?”

Well, of course, I did, and it was obvious that he and Dale and I were reminded of our lying flat on our backs, looking upwards and pointing to a particular star or planet way up in the sky, saying, “That’s Arcturus. Remember the star book tells us to Arc to Arcturus, and Spike to Spica!” Just locate the Big Dipper, and follow the handle to Arcturus, then continue on in the same direction to Spica. My knowledge of the solar system is not as good as it was years ago, but David has become more and more familiar with the stars and planets and constellations. In his nightly walks he continues to keep in mind their names and locations.


[ Back in the woods ]

Since David had come out specifically to help us with chores, he didn’t take long to talk in the living room, but wanted to get outside to work. Since it wasn’t too windy, he and Dale decided to burn the papers that had accumulated in the big barrel in the garage along with several boxes filled with extra paper that wouldn’t fit in the barrel. Since we usually burn papers every week, it has been hard to see them building up for three weeks! Didn’t take long for the flames to appear and continue to burn as the barrel was refilled several times.

I wanted to show David the job we had done in cutting down the huge rose bushes and buck brush back in the pasture, so off we went, enjoying the warmth of the day, especially when the wind wasn’t blowing. I know David was pleased to see the end result of all of our work this spring and especially to know that we really could still do the job. We are so thankful that we don’t have to sit in an easy chair most of the day, doing one of three things: watching TV, reading, or dozing off. We feel we have been richly blessed!


[ Best way to get down is? ]

One job that David always does for us as needed is clearing the gutters on the roof. When he bought us some special gutter guards a couple years ago, he made the cleaning process much easier. Since he doesn’t want to see Dale or me up on the tall ladder, he does the job from time to time. Just about makes me sick watching him fling himself along up there on the roof, around the corners, and then on to the end of the job. I guess he is not afraid of heights and doesn’t mind taking chances!

Lastly, he worked on computer problems, not to him of course, but to me, yes! He tries so hard to help me understand what he is talking about when telling me of short cuts or how to find what I’m looking for on this computer. I don’t know whether it’s his head start, that he was working hard on the machine long before I ever saw one close up, or something else, but I do know and freely admit the fact that I know very little about computers. Hopefully, I can keep on learning so I can do a better job, but when problems arise, my immediate response is one of two: First, I need to call David for help, or second, who needs this! I quit! The second one, fortunately, is not my usual solution.

160419_QuoteI felt quite pleased when reading David’s note to us this morning. I know I came up with a big smile, because it meant a lot. Here is what he wrote. “ I can tell that you are working hard at learning the new computer stuff; many of your questions yesterday were new ones about new areas which shows you are digging into different places, which is good. The more you use, the better you will be!” He probably would just as soon not be quoted, but I was really pleased.

David never says, “Hey, look what I brought for you!” to us. He just piles books, cards, stamps, magazines, and other items that he knows we would enjoy and add to our collections. Yesterday, after he had left for home, I was putting away what I thought was an empty tin, when I noticed it was heavier than I had expected. Off came the lid, and there in the bottom of the tin was a big bag of trail mix with a fruit and nut blend. Good, tasty, and healthful! – CHRIS

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  1. Richard Christoph says:

    What a great report and photo. Looking forward to seeing you all.


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