Is This Thy Voice, My Son David?

April 18 – Dave came out for a few hours to visit recently and help us with any tasks we might have to do. It was a good day, both because of the warm temperatures and fine company. I had made a list of several items that we might do together, but the weather seemed a bit damp and dubious for a while and I just didn’t feel like going out to do them. So we sat and visited instead but finally Dave wanted to get to work so we went out to the garage and gathered the containers of waste paper that were full and overflowing.


[ Burn,barrel, burn! ]

There has been a burn ban for quite some time, thanks to dry weather and strong winds. We took the containers out to the burning barrel and filled it with papers and lit a match and soon had a fire burning briskly. It took several refills to get all the paper and cardboard into the barrel. Now I shall have to get out our big sieve and run the ashes through it to remove any metal bits before piling the ashes in the garden for fertilizer. Am hoping the ashes are all cool now, for years ago we ran the ashes through the sieve and into our plastic garden cart. The ashes happened to be still hot and melted a lot of the garden cart. It still works but will no longer hold water.


[ May apples by the trail ]

Our trails around the property invited us to walk around them, so that’s what we did next. Chris keeps them mowed. The purple hensbit were not as much in evidence as they were before she mowed the lawns, but they still showed up in many spots in small groups. A pretty little flower, but such a weed, and how it spreads. There were lots of dandelions and chickweed, of course, and the wild mustard is starting to bloom. I see that our dame’s rocket or sweet rocket plants will soon be blooming. They just pop up where they feel like it and we try to avoid mowing them down as they are so pretty. Dave admired our several clumps of white daffodils that have multiple blooms per stem, and are on display later than the other varieties. Very ornamental.


[ Working on the gutter guards ]

Coming back to the house, our next activity was getting the metal leaf-guard panels over the gutters back in place. Wind had blown a couple of them off, and there were lots of maple keys and other tree debris up there jammed up against the panels. Dave got our six-foot ladder in place and was soon up on the roof with a brush, getting rid of the trash that had fallen on the roof. My share of the work consisted in standing around admiring the workman (and dodging the debris tossed from the roof). Along the gutters on one side of the house there were maple keys to get rid of, and on the other side there were lots of Siberian elm seeds. Those elm seeds get to be quite a pest in the garden, as the little seedlings spring up everywhere and I have to keep pulling them up.

Once all the gutter work was done, Dave came into the house to lend a hand with some computer problems and gave lots of useful info to his mom. He was just finishing off doing some work on the computer when grandson Kevin stopped to say goodbye on his way back to college in Lincoln, NE. The school year will be over next month, and he’ll be home for the summer. He was hoping to find a lot of morel mushrooms this week-end and did find some but not as many as he had hoped for. Right after he left, Dave left too, as he had to be back in Shawnee for some ball games he was overseeing.


[ Trail mix Dave brought us ]

Chris decided to do some e-mail once she had some spare time, but the computer would not allow her to get the gmail for some reason. After many fruitless attempts she gave up in disgust and we played some games of Rummikub until it was time to fix supper. While she was doing that I turned the computer on again, and presto, there was gmail. Don’t know what the hold up was but it is gone now.

We had just gone to bed when we noticed a spectacular lightning display through our south window. The flashes were almost constant, yet there was never any thunder. Chris got up and opened the blind and we lay there in bed watching the flashes and wondering why there were no sound effects. There was no rain either, and we woke this morning to dry ground and cloudy skies and a chilly wind. The wind will dry the clothes on the lines but will chill the lady hanging the clothes. – DALE

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