Snakes and Ticks. Oh, and Chiggers…

160408_Post500April 8 – First of all for those of you who may not finish this post of “eww, gross, and yucky things!” here’s at least a PLEASANT note. This entry is our 500th since we started this blog in 2014.

Thanks for your continue readership – we really appreciate hearing from you and seeing which posts happen to be your favorites. And now on with our regularly scheduled broadcast…


[ Snake skin from the basement ]

You’ve heard about our encounters with snakes from time to time, but a couple of days ago when Dale came up the stairs from the basement with a long filmy snake skin in his hand, I wondered where the snake had come from. He said that he had found it in the laundry room, with its head going right down the drain to the outside of the house, and on to the road, a journey of quite a distance. We both were surprised at the perfection of the skin, with just an opening at the head from which the snake escaped, leaving the original skin behind.

That reminded me of two other experiences I have had with snakes inside the house. Once, as I was checking through some tins with tight-fitting lids, in which I keep items like flour, sugar, pasta, etc. I was bent over just in time to see a long black snake slither past me and disappear behind the paneling. Same kind that escaped from its skin back in the laundry room. We have so many pictures of our holding those snakes in our hands, or hanging around our necks. However, it’s still fun to look at them again as I think of Dale chasing across the yard to catch them, while he yells, “Get the camera!”

Now just about everyone we know does not share our “love and appreciation” for these reptiles. Several nights ago as Dale was telling several of our friends about the latest find, Nancy remarked, “Well, I’m glad that I have nothing to do with your basement! I’d move!” I just checked with Dale on the accuracy of that statement, and he agreed that it was true. Then we mentioned that there might possibly be three people total in the group of seventy we were talking about who appreciate snakes. “And they’d all be kids,” I remarked. Dale agreed to that, too!


[ Looking for my hat or for ticks, not sure which! ]

While working back in the rosebush areas, I have met up with ticks this year already! I was really surprised because I didn’t think they arrived till later in the season. Now that’s one thing I really enjoy. No, not the ticks and their digging into my skin, but my pulling them off and squashing them before sending them down the drain.

I do not look forward to the arrival of the chiggers, either. They are even worse than ticks. Strange when thinking about our summers back in Pennsylvania. I had never seen either a tick or a chigger before, except for just once when we were visiting Biz and Harvey here in Missouri. I was just about covered with the creatures, and itched and itched. Small comfort from Biz when she promised, “Don’t worry, Mom. After you get used to the ticks, they won’t even bother to hang on to you any longer!” – CHRIS

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