Friday Update


[ Bush cherry blossoms ]

April 8 – Thanks to the colder weather we have had lately, mixed in with temperatures in the seventies and even eighty one day, many of our flowers and bushes have been frozen. Those armies of golden daffodils, and colorful, dainty hyacinths, along with the magnolia bush and plum tree are no longer beautiful. The Nanking cherry blossoms, along with those on the apricot tree are gone for another year.

But hope still springs eternal. Two pink tulips have arrived just near the drooping daffodils. The golden dandelions are scattered all over the lawn, along with myriads of star violets.

Dale’s plants in the basement look healthy and well under the fluorescent lights and are growing so well that when it is time to plant them in the garden, all will be well, and we will be ready to hoe and pull weeds for still another summer.


[ Roses do indeed have thorns! ]

The hours and hours of clipping and cutting and raking rose bushes and buck brush, along with some small trees, have paid off, and we are pleased that the really big job is a thing of the past. Just checked in my journal and found I have spent over 35 hours on that job, and Dale helped from time to time with a total of 15.

How good it is to be alive and well and able to get around, taking care of work that needs to be done. Work that not only helps to keep us healthy, but also touches our hearts with the goodness and blessings of God. – CHRIS

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